Friday, August 30, 2013

Andaman - Nature's Very Own Canvas!

Pristine white sands, crystal-clear turquoise waters, spellbinding geography... Take a dive into the mysteries of the amazing AndamansNestled in the heart of Bay of Bengal, the Andaman Islands is a group of unspoiled islands, with natural stunners like the exotic beaches, unusual mud volcanoes, limestone caves and incredible flora and fauna. A true delight! It is an idyllic escape from the daily hustle-bustle of the city.


Andaman is also known for the Kala Pani, a cellular jail at Port Blair. It has been a witness to the chronicles of one of the most darkest and horrifying periods of Indian history. The Light and Sound show exhibited in the premises, is an inspiring performance of these times, about the pain and torture afflicted on our great freedom fighters imprisoned by the British.

The main treasures of this beautiful place are the numerous islands it possesses. These islands are gifted with mesmerizing beaches. The Havelock island is the largest of all islands, with Radhanagar beach as a jewel in its crown, it was considered as Asia's best beach in 2004 by the Times magazine. Viper island and Jolly Buoy island are among other significant islands.  

The island is a heaven for adventurists, as there are a number of activities to be explored here. Experience the under water fascinations of the corals and marine life with water sports like Snorkeling and Scuba diving. Taste the exquisite delicacies and be spoilt for choice especially,the extravagant
sea food. All you need is an ample amount of time to seek its marvels!
Spin a tale of your own, as you wander in this magical paradise!

Lets redefine Exotica!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Discover Japan China...!!!

One crafted with high-end designs, the other with a touch of elegance and style,unveil the secrets of the awesome twosome- Japan and China!

A country gifted with one of the greatest economies of the world. It is also one of the strongest, for it has recovered from the numerous setbacks of the past and emerged victoriously. Japan is a mixed bag, containing the old and the new. It is known for its avant-garde technology, the majestic Mt. Fiji and mostly for its revered traditions, customs and culture.

Sprawling gardens, beautiful temples and towering skyscrapers are some of the many things which add to its arresting beauty. It is truly, the 'Land of the Rising Sun'. The Forbidden City, the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, the Great Wall- one of the seven wonders of the World and more, all belong to the wonder country China.

It is home to many historical and monumental witnesses of Chinese history. Grand and vibrant, it has the perfect blend of the past and the contemporary. Amazing landmarks, luscious cuisines, great shopping experience, will keep you hungry for more!

Come and surrender to the surprises of Japan and China!

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