Thursday, June 30, 2011

Explore the rich cultural heritage of North India

The hard working inhabitants of Mumbai travel to close by destinations to rejuvenate their mind and soul. However, nowadays Rajasthan tour packages from Mumbai’

The financial capital of India, ‘Mumbai’ is one of the fastest developing cities of the country. The hospitable population of this state works hard all day long to survive in the difficult struggle for life. And when it comes to taking a break from their stressful lifestyle, then the usual places of visit are destinations like Lonavala, khandala, Pune and the most favored ‘Goa’. However, with the establishments of reliable tour operators in India, Mumbai-ites can now travel to varied destinations of the country and the world. These tour operators cater of all traveling requirements from departure to arrival.

The vibrant culture and tradition of Northern India can be witnessed the best at the Rustic state of Rajasthan. Vast barren lands with sun kissed golden sand dunes, quaint villages, glorious folk dances and delicious food with exotic Indian spices are some of the several blissful experiences in this historic state. A trip to Rajasthan would provide a perfect escape from the hideous daily routine of Mumbai residents. It is an opportunity to explore the magnificent history and mystic beauty of this Royal State. The journey to Rajasthan is not very long from Mumbai and can be covered through any mode Air, railways or even a road trip can add to the excitement of an adventurous trip to Rajasthan.

Going further towards the north, holiday package for Srinagar offers a delightful experience in the lap of nature. Away from the hustle- bustle of Mumbai city, Srinagar has to its pride the beautiful snow-covered peaks, picturesque landscapes that can be enjoyed sitting on a houseboat at the famous Dull Lake and a diverse variety of flora and fauna are an endowment of Mother Nature upon this ‘paradise on Earth’. A lot many Mumbaikars choose to get refreshed and rejuvenated by opting for a holiday package for Srinagar.

Holiday package for Shimla Manali is another popular tour package for adventurous Mumbaians. A trip to the beautiful destinations of Shimla and Manali not only is window to the mesmerizing beauty of the north but also offers exciting adventure activities through hilly trekking routes, Para-gliding, rock climbing etc. With a Holiday package for Shimla Manali,one can explore the unknown secrets of magnificent beauty of North India and indulge in exciting adventure.

There are many tour operators in Mumbai who arrange a memorable trip to your desired destination and relieve you of the unnecessary tensions of organizing travel tickets, accommodation etc. to give you a complete holiday experience. So contact a reliable tour operator and plan a memorable vacation to your favorite destination of the world!

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