Monday, February 17, 2014

Delightful Indian Summers

Glorious scenery on your mind? Welcome to the majestic snow peaks, breathtaking landscapes, lush greenery, delightful weather and more gorgeous features that take you by surprise! With so many things on your platter why would one go any where else in Summer, when you can find the most hottest locations right here in India. These destinations bring the best of Summer to you!

 Immerse yourself in the sensational charisma of the mesmerizing snow-clad peaks, verdant terrains, meandering rivers of Shimla and Manali. Enjoy a spectacular drive towards Rohtang Snow Point or the mountain adventures or activities like river rafting, they are surely the destinations to explore your adventure side. 

Adorned by picturesque snow-clad mountains, shimmering lakes sparkling like diamonds and widespread verdurous landscapes. Kashmir is truly India's very own paradise. A haven for sports enthusiasts, it is a destination  for the ones who want to explore it to the large.

A cold rugged terrain, Ladakh is known for its enchanting scenery of mountain lakes, paddy fields and Tibetan temples, it is also known as the cold desert. Leh too has its own identity, of mountains, Stupas and mud-houses. The features of Leh and Ladakh will leave you spell-bound!

 Discover lush valleys, misty mountains, breathtaking wildlife in the stunning hill station of Nainital.  Enjoy sunrise on the Kanchanjunga ranges and beautiful temples that adorn this place.

Sikkim and Darjeeling are some of the most amazing Indian destinations with their charming delights of Tibetan-style Buddhist monasteries, dense forests, idyllic landscaped villages, deep mountain valleys and more. The exquisiteness of these destinations is magnified with the classic blend of its unique culture, ethics, people and divine cuisines. 

           So, escape from the mundane, to witness Nature's extravaganza in its purest form!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Heed the Call of the Wild!

Though the world is not enough for the explorer's eye, it does satisfy him when he finds himself here! Cage-dive the Sharks, jump off  the cliff, tame the wild, South Africa and Kenya has everything you want. Experience a rush of Adrenaline as you get bit by the adventure bug of these two awesome destinations.

Welcome to the epic tale of wonders to experience the grandeur of South Africa as it holds you in thrall. Johannesburg, the City of Gold is an astonishing place in the heart of the country, with all means of a metropolitan,it is a complete contradiction to its wild side. Enjoy the Kingdom of Pleasure in the multifaceted Sun City as it charms you with its amazing offerings, rendezvous with the Penguins as they waddle on Boulders beach of Cape Peninsula. Watch the demonstrations of Gold being poured and minted in the Goldmines of the Gold Reef City. 

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the sensational Thompson Falls, see the the flocks of Flamingos and other birds and animals at Lake Nakuru. Live the moment a lifetime by being at the center of the earth at the Equatorial Line and enjoy the game drive of the close encounters of the wildlife at the Masai Mara Game Reserves in Kenya.

Witness nature's extravaganza on earth as Victoria Falls make a thundering sound when curtains of water fall on the ground creating a fog of mists and sprays. Experience these awe-inspiring sights in the two of the most beautiful destinations of the world, South Africa and Kenya!    

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