Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Be a Proud Foreign Returned with Kesari’s Thailand!

It is indeed everyone’s dream to make an international trip. Experiencing a different culture, unique cuisine and lifestyle of a different destination is something that interests each one of us. With an exhaustive assortment of Kesari’s exclusive Thailand tour packages, the Kesari Tours endeavors to make your dreams come true. It offers you the opportunity to explore Thailand in all its facets at unbelievable prices.

Kesari Tours

A diverse range of packages for everyone in the family – the just married couple in your family, the elders, the ladies, the men or simply your bunch of friends. From the fascinating sightseeing tours and thrilling adventurous parks to the rich cultural and literary experience, these packages offer a plethora of activities on the platter. All at prices starting Rs. 25990 ONLY!

So wait no more..!! Gift yourself and your family the luxury of traveling..!! Be a proud foreign returned in a way unimaginable..!!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Age – Just a number..!! Create your own special memories with matchless vacations..!!

Not confined to age, gender and interests, travel is a comprehensive concept that adds nourishment to the mind and soul.

The Second Innings Tours by Kesari are aimed at the senior citizens. The very interesting and fascinating ranges of Kesari’s specialty tours, the Second Innings Tours are power packed and strive to offer beautiful experiences to senior citizens. These tours are the wonderful opportunities for people to relive those bygone years of unlimited fun, gossip, style and delight with their fellow counterparts and             favorite stars.

Kesari Tours

These tours, undeniably can be wonderful gifts to your parents and relatives as a token of your love and respect. Kesari Tours makes sure that all the arrangements are made in the best manner and the tours turn out be extremely convenient and absolutely hassle-free.

The Swiss-Paris Tour scheduled on August 4, 2012 is truly one of the second innings tours offered by Kesari. Brilliantly designed, the tour covers the six major cities of Zurich, Lucerne, Engelberg, Geneva, France, Paris and Versailles. These all inclusive completely guided tours include all meals along with lots of extra toppings.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The sights of the brilliant world – For you to explore and relish..!!

The world is bestowed with beauty of all forms. Be it the nature or the culture, the history or the contemporary, there is too much to be explored and a lot to                       be experienced.

Ever wondered how mummies are preserved or the secret behind the dead sea or the land of midnight sun. There is an amazing range of places in the world which are worth visiting atleast once in a lifetime. The seven brilliant continents have a lot to offer for the tourist within all of us. And with travel partners that understand us just the way we want them to, it is not just possible but superbly enjoyable to travel across all the continents.

Kesari Tours

Kesari with an exclusive range of tour packages facilitates one to witness the unbelievable world. From South Africa Kenya Victoria falls, Antarctica voyage and Land of Midnight Sun to Japan, China, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South America and many more, Kesari tours undeniably is the travel assistance to satiate your diverse travel desires. It offers to you original and unique combinations across the length and breadth of the seven wonderful continents. The brand presents more than 45 combinations of various continents.

For the reckless traveler or the thoughtful explorer, the company offers you lifetime opportunities, the ones that do not fail to peep deep into your souls.

So wait no more..!! Unfold the mysteries and discover the fancies..!! Set out.. only to explore the incredible..!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

You are the best Mom!!

Stand up! Tuck in your Shirt! Behave yourself! We all have grown listening to these Motherly advices. Needless to say, our mothers are indeed the most special women in our lives. They are an irreplaceable part of our hearts. She has given us birth, showered love and nurtured us into the responsible human beings we are today. In our entire life span, we can never give back what She has given to us. It’s very truly said, Mothers are next to God. Only a ‘Mother’ has the strength and perseverance to bring up a child. 

Kesari Tours

In reverence to the most beautiful creation of God, we celebrate Mother’s day with immense enthusiasm and cheer. Mother's Day is the time to express gratitude to every mother's selfless love. It’s an occasion to convey your feelings to her and tell her how special she is to you. Conveying your feelings to your mom does not ask for much, after all it’s the sentiments that matter! Whether a big bash or a small celebration at home, Mother’s day is one entire day dedicated to showcase the unconditional love and respect you have for your mother. Children of all ages celebrate the festival with great zeal and gusto. No matter how much you grow up, your mother will be your mother for life!!

Wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day!!

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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A life worth cherishing..!!

Travel indeed is an enriching experience that has a peaceful, positive and invigorating effect on the mind, body and soul. The world truly is full of secret and mysteries and there is a lot to explore. Nature and culture have bestowed us with divine beauty. Kesari, the famous tour operator helps people make their travel dreams come true. For those who want to see and explore the entire world, Kesari Tours offers a unique Combinations of Amazing Destinations across 7 continents.

Kesari Tours

Mr. Bhatambrekar, a school teacher from Latur, Maharashtra had a dream and he did made his dream come true. With the vision to see and experience the entire world, he followed a plan 60-30-10. He had been saving 60 % of his salary on household, 30% on travel and 10 % on medical. The man eventually fulfilled his dream to see the whole world by visiting Antarctica, the 7th continent on his list.

We salute a simple man who saw tomorrow, and made his dreams come true. Set out to Venture into the unknown to discover yourself amidst beautiful experiences..!!