Saturday, December 24, 2011

Welcoming New Year with a bang !

The Christmas Season is here to shiver, shake and make Merry!! Christmas is the best time in the year to go out with family and have a gala time. The auspicious birth of Jesus Christ is indeed an occasion to spread happiness and warmth all around. This is a special time for families to get together and share love and celebrate the most awaited festival of the year. The entire world celebrates Christmas with Pomp, gaiety and devotion. Children wait in anticipation for their Christmas holidays to arrive. They spend this festive winter time by being with their loved ones, enjoy delightful Christmas feasts and pray to the lord for their innocent wishes to get fulfilled.

Rhythmic carols, cakes, candles and illuminating decorations, all mark the spirit and celebration of Christmas. People organize warm family dinners, beautify the Christmas trees, and visit the church on this auspicious and happy day. Following the joyous Christmas celebrations comes the exciting and fun- filled New Year bash! We all wish to welcome the coming year with warm and happy sentiments for which there are numerous New Year parties organized and the entire atmosphere is filled with thrill, joy and laughter. There is fun, frolic and festivity all around.

Here’s Kesari Tours wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a blessed New Year 2012 ! Have a blast !

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Travel to Europe - Explore destinations unseen

The world is a beautiful place to live in. There are panoramic scrivener to spread magic all around and spectacular destinations to offer excitement and adventure. Of the five continents of the world, Europe is famous for its exceptional beauty and extraordinary heritage that are waiting to be explored. The continent’s glorious past can be relived through ancient monuments and forts that showcase marvelous architecture and intrinsic art. European countries like Rome, Switzerland and France top the list of preferences of several travelers across the globe. These are well known for the astounding natural beauty they exhibit. However, not to be ignored are those fabulous cities in Europe that are yet to get their share of attention.  Austria, Prague, Scotland, Belgium and Denmark are some of the most beautiful countries of the world that have their own packages of thrill, surprise and adventure to offer! Here are few ‘Must See’ places of visit in the enigmatic European continent.

Kesari Tours

Vienna is one of the most dynamic and urban spaces in Europe. A visit to this amazing city can leave you spell bound with its marvelous beauty and splendid historical face. Many imperial palaces and ancient forts are scattered across the majestic land of Vienna. These historic monuments boast of baroque interiors and aesthetic architecture that depict the city’s magnificent past with grace and grandeur. Athens, the Greek capital exhibits an ideal amalgamation of a splendid history and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. On a visit to the city one can experience luxury amongst the spectacular wonders of Mother Nature. Its vibrant street life and relaxed lifestyle can create memories to be cherished a lifetime. Copenhagen in Demark has recently grabbed the attention of numerous explorers from all over the world. Quaint old homes and cobbled streets enclosed in lush and serene surroundings give a feel of countryside yet so contemporary and organized.

A travel to Europe without exploring such miraculous destinations would definitely be incomplete. Thus, Journey your way to an adventurous European odyssey with Kesari Tours at the shocking cost of just INR 1 Lakh! So pack your bags and be prepared to unwind yourself amongst the scenic beauty of Europe! Kesari World Tours assures you the time of your lifetime.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Kesari Gaurav Sanman'11

It is a moment of great pride to remember and acknowledge the overwhelming work done by Shri. Kesaribhau Patil and Smt. Sunita Patil. The pioneering founders of Kesari Tours, they established the Kesari Art and Culture Foundation seven years ago as a profound expression of deep commitment to society and also to inculcate artistic values. The organisation provides aid to various social institutions, non-governmental organisations and service establishments.

As per the tradition, Kesari honours the extraordinary people by honouring them with the Kesari Gaurav Sanman award. The Kesari Gaurav Sanman award ceremony is taking place on December 17th, 2011 at Nashik. This will be followed by a fusion musical recital by A.Shivmani, Louiz Banks, Vijay Ghate, Ravi Chary and Sniti Mishra.

Kesari Tours foundation, for the first time acknowledges and salutes a social service organisation conferring the honor on Anandwan and Lokbiradari, founded by the legendary figure, Baba Amte. It is indeed a tribute to the significant contribution made by the Late Baba Amte and the Late Mrs. Sadhanatai Amte.

The event, Kesari Gaurav Sanman 2011 is taking place on December 17th, 2011 in Dadashaheb Gaikwad Auditorium in Nashik, Maharashtra. It starts at 1800 Hours. The ceremony felicitates six exceptional individuals from their respective fields for their commendable work.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Strawberi Holidays

Offering its customers a wide array of options to choose from, Strawberi Holidays give its customers the option to pick services and design their kind of vacations. With such an assortment of holidays ranging from standard to premium, Kesari Strawberi Tours truly lives by its promise of meeting the travel needs of all kinds of customers.

The FIT division of Kesari Strawberi Tours Pvt Ltd, Strawberi Holidays specializes in catering to the needs and requirements of inbound as well as outbound travelers. The services include accommodation, ticketing, sightseeing tours, transfers, Foreign Exchange.

An incredible and carefully selected range of accommodation options from star hotels to the luxury resorts amidst the natural beauty, private cottages and pool villas to the heritage properties like forts and havelis, Strawberi offers you just what you dream of and undeniably makes for a delightful experience.

Transportation plays a very important role in a holiday as it defines the level of comfort. Be it travelers who seek adventure and thrill or those who wish luxury and comfort, the options are innumerable. To fit in everyone’s parameters, Strawberi offers self drive options , private chauffeur driven vehicles and shared seat-in-coach transfers. It also has the option of rail journeys, cruise options and air travel, the way you like it.

To put it simple, you name it and Strawberi has it.

Combining all the tour elements of your tastes to make a holiday that is original and exclusive, Kesari Strawberi Holidays suffice all your needs as they provide ease and customization of the highest degree.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Make Your Travel Hassle Free

Travel is undeniably learning and enlightening experience. An array of diverse cultures and traditions enlightens one’s mind. Traveling to different places can revitalize and rejuvenate one’s mind. It undeniably broadens one’s horizons.

Here are a few tips which shall help making your Holiday easier and happier...

Travel Tips

Pack light, pack smart:

* Select clothing which can be mixed and matched. Colors which coordinate and layers which can be varied for look and comfort.

* During Air travel, we suggest to keep one pair of clothes in your hand bag for emergency while you check in rest of your baggage.

* Things that are not allowed in Cabin Luggage (Hand Bag): Hair dryer, cream/razor/after shave lotion, cosmetics, liquors, perfumes/body sprays, batteries, tissues/baby napkins, liquids including water, etc. Containers over 100 ml of toothpaste, Hair Oil / Gel / Cream / Shampoo etc., even if partially full are not allowed in the hand bag. If carried in small quantities it must be in transparent, seal-able plastic bag. These things can be carried in a large quantity in Check- in baggage.

* Passport & photocopies, woolens as per temperature of the respective countries, handy cam, digital camera as per choice, mobile, chargers, insurance policy, toiletries, sun screen lotion (SPF 30+), sunglasses, reading glasses, cold cream, medicines (if any) with doctor's prescription, extra batteries/memory chips (they are generally expensive abroad, so buy before travel), calculator, sea sickness tablets.

* Comfortable footwear, sports shoes recommended

* Formal Shoes needed for casino entry, floaters for beach activities.

Health and Safety:

* To prevent the swelling of feet on long flights, walk in the aisle at intervals and try not to take off your shoes.

* Refrain from OD-ing on the free booze when on a flight, as too much alcohol causes dehydration. Instead drink water.

* If you are prone to motion sickness, take an anti sickness pill before the flight. The pill won't help much, if you have it after you have started feeling sick.

* Abide by the list of items prohibited on board and carry most items like skis/cues/walking canes/sticks/Swiss knives in checked in baggage - this smoothens the check-in process plus avoids the risk of confiscation and unnecessary delays.

* Let every family member carry some cash, for any emergency.

* Do not accept any package from a stranger.

* Drink sufficient water and do some stretching exercises to avoid aches and pain during long haul flights.

* Every family member should have tour manager's mobile number, hotel contact details, tour program and a number to contact on in case of an emergency.

* Carry water bottles and drink plenty of water during the day to avoid tiredness.

* Do not carry heavy bags while sightseeing. Use a long strap purse to sling along your shoulder & keep your hands free. For children, carry a small haversack.

* For the full day sightseeing where a lot of walking is involved, we suggest you to wear good sport shoes. Avoid high heel sandals.

* Important - Report any unattended items in the airport or aircraft to the nearest airport or airline personnel


Overseas Travel insurance is a complete single trip cover for a person on a business or holiday trip abroad. It covers for loss/delay of checked-in baggage, loss of passport and medical expenses during overseas stay. Overseas insurance is included in the tour price where it is mandatory by the consulates. We recommend buying overseas insurance whenever it is not included as the premium is very small as compared to the benefits

Traveling with Kids:

* Traveling with kids can be a challenge, especially with the added worry of safety is thrown into the mix.

* Before leaving on your holiday, remind children about your family safety procedures for dealing with strangers.

* Carry a recent photograph of children handy, also a photocopy of passports kept in a safe place or with a relative that can fax it to you in case of loss.

* Dressing children in bright colors makes them readily visible. Try to remember what they are wearing.

Last but not the least; enjoy your trip to your dream vacation. It’s your holiday. Live every bit of it to the fullest!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Explore the extraordinary beauty of enigmatic Europe

A symbol of romance, adventure and charismatic beauty, Europe has fascinated its visitors since time immemorial. Its extraordinary heritage and an enriching past offer the most memorable experiences that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Historic ancient monuments in Rome, rich and vibrant culture of Spain, elegant and affluent living in England and the renaissance buildings and graceful art of Florence, Europe boasts of magnificent natural beauty and architectural monuments with historic significance that indeed represents the cultural grandeur and breathtaking beauty of the exotic European land. It has a treasured wealth of sights, sounds, music and people.

Europe leads the world when it comes to fashion and style. The lifestyles of its people and their opulent preferences stand distinguished in invariant manifolds across the globe. The alluring beauty and enriching cultural heritage of Europe is not something that can be missed by adventurous explorers of the world. Moreover, with Kesari Tours exclusive offer, an exciting European odyssey can be explored and experienced at just INR 1 LAKH! Kesari Europe is a fascinating travel package exclusively brought to you by Kesari Tours. Through this offer one can avail an excellent opportunity to explore the natural, cultural and spiritual wonders of Europe at a shocking price of Rs. 1 LAKH or on making couple bookings one can save a big amount as much as Rs. 1 LAKH! A golden opportunity knocks at your door! Don’t let it go. Plan your trip to enigmatic Europe and avail this limited period offer now!

Monday, December 05, 2011

My visit to the serene and scintillating South Africa with Kesari Tours

The greatest benefit of a travel company like Kesari Tours is the appreciation and admiration we receive from our prestigious clientele. One such ‘pat on our back’ was from an honored client who took an exclusive Kesari travel package to South Africa. Following is her feedback of the tour and the services provided.

Kesari Tours

My South Africa experience with Kesari Tours and Travels (Tour code V1 - October 30th to November 14th, 2011) was the loveliest and the best of all my tours so far. I enjoyed and savored every moment of it. The itinerary of the entire package was well planned, well organized and well managed.

As a single lady traveler, I had no problem at all. The tour manager Rohan Virkar did an excellent job. He was caring, concerned, friendly and yet firm when the need demanded. Kudos to him!

This has been my second experience with Kesari Tours India and I can assuredly say, Kesari World Tours keeps getting better and better.... You ARE definitely a world class travel company.

Keep up the excellent service.

Wishing Kesari Tours all the best.

Irene Dias