Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Get captivated by the unmatched and unseen beauty of South East Asia

A holiday that keeps you hopping with excitement and anticipation throughout makes for a perfect one that promises to create everlasting memories. Ranging from the scintillating and exotic beaches of Thailand, the serene charm of Indonesia, pulsating theme parks of Malaysia to the dazzling life of Macau, amusing fun of Disneyland and fascinating radiance of Singapore, South East Asia offers an array of options for all kinds of discerning travelers.

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Rich in history, abundant in culture with an extravaganza of flora and fauna, South East Asia is lavish by all means. It is loved for its dazzling nightlife and delightful shopping arena. It also represents the ancient part of Thailand with beautiful and well known temple and religious centers. Thailand offers various beach destinations like Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi and Koh Samui which boast of various water sports activities. Malaysia, a country that offers in its platter various delightful experiences like cruise tours, shopping extravaganza is definitely a place to be.

That is not all. This part of the world has places unheard, unspoken but with unmatched beauty and brilliance. Adding to the eternal beauty of South- East Asia are unexplored destinations like Vietnam, Cambodia and Burma that have not been much traveled by explorers across the globe.

Bordered by China and Cambodia, Vietnam has several thrilling experiences to offer. This is one country that truly exhibits the real essence of South- East Asia that is vividness and vitality.

Indulge in the serenity and scintillating charm of Burma. The virgin beauty of this unexplored land is unseen by many. Divine temples and sacred Stupas scattered all across represent the pious sentiments and religious beliefs of people living in this beautiful country. It’s truly Asian culture has got Burma the name of ‘Authentic Asia’. Indonesia on the other hand can reel your senses over the plethora of adventurous experiences it has to offer to its visitors. The Baleim Valley, islands of Bali and Jungles of Sumatra exhibit beauty that is captivating and alluring. Here adventure looms large. But this wonderful country of South –East Asia still remains unexplored.

Whether it is your honeymoon trip, family trip or a corporate event, South East Asia with Kesari Tours suffices the needs and preferences of all kinds of travelers. Just explore it for yourself..!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Create indelible memories with a dream holidaying experience

With a plethora of holidaying options on its platter ranging from the exotic beaches of Thailand, the mesmerizing and colorful life of Singapore and the thrilling theme parks of Malaysia to the tranquility of Bali, amusing Disneyland of Hong Kong and the bright brilliance of Macau, South East Asia is undeniably is the ideal holidaying destination. It captures the attention of people all across the globe.

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Talk of South East Asia and you cannot afford to miss the delightful shopping experience that it promises to give. If you are a foodie and relish exploring all kinds of good options, the destination will treat your taste buds with sumptuous cuisines. South East Asia also offers a rich cultural experience that further adds to the charm and glory of the place. If you are a nature and wildlife lover, check Taman Nagara a national park in Malaysia. Needless to say, the destination suits everyone’s preferences and is ideal for all ages.

The serene beaches, captivating historical sites, sparkling day life and dazzling night life gives one an experience with indelible memories. Whether you have a couple of days at your disposal or a good half a month, it is the place that never fails to bore you. Singapore and Thailand are places where there is an incredible influx of people on incentive tours.

So whether it's a honeymoon, a discovery trip, a corporate event, a holiday with your best buddies or simply a trip with your family, South East Asia with Kesari Tours is undeniably the ideal destination.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Children’s Day – Celebrating innocence

Children’s Day is celebrated all across the country on November 14th every year. The day commemorates the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India and his immense love for children. Fondly referred to as Chacha Nehru, Jawaharlal Nehru had profound love for children, the buds in the garden. He strongly believed that children were the future of a nation and its strength.

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As a tribute to the great man and his love and fondness for the children, the birthday is felicitated in different ways across the length and breadth of the nation. Schools have a range of cultural programmes lined up for the day. The day is exclusively meant for children and so teachers perform dance and other activities to make it filled with fun, frolic, blessedness and cheerfulness. There are various cultural, social and even corporate hubs that organize activities for children and celebrate the day. Children win all sorts of prizes and that definitely makes them feel special.

In fact, parents also present gifts like toys, books, sweets to their kids and often take them for outings. Various joints and restaurants offer special coupons and vouchers to them. This day, undeniably makes them feel on top of the world.

Needless to say, children look forward to this day in excitement and anticipation.

Kesari Tours wishing all Happy Children's Day.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Kesari Cruise tours – Enjoy the best of both the worlds

Experience your dream journey on land and sea. Kesari Tours offer you the opportunity to experience the fun on land and settle down in the laps of luxury as the waves take you away from the crowd and the noise.  A family holiday specifically designed for those who want to enjoy the sightseeing tours along with a breathtaking cruise journey, these tours promise to create indelible experiences in your hearts.
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Party all night with your friends & family, spend quality time with your loved ones or simply do nothing but laze around. It is your holiday after all !!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

World Science Day

World Science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated every year on the 10th of November. This day glorifies the overwhelming contribution science makes towards achieving sustainable development and elicits peace prospects. This year, UNESCO focuses on the role of science towards green societies: equity, inclusiveness, participation and proudly announces it as the theme of the year’s World Science Day for peace and development.  The celebration of World Science Day 2011 revolves around the Rio+20 Summit encouraging towards the promotion of greener societies.

Green Societies refer to the percolation of science within all sectors of society, equity between sexes and equity between countries. A broad perspective aiming towards development and involving positive social transformation is a requisite.

In this context, inclusiveness means creative inclusive policy integrating the vision of people in science, including traditional knowledge systems in scientific processes while participation refers to creating opportunities for people to be involved in science and to participate in decision making in science. The purpose of this day is to bring to the forefront the responsible use of science towards attaining peace and development. It aims at enhancing public awareness. Policies that integrate people’s vision in science and involve participation are the underlying factors towards accomplishing a technologically sound society.

Science is undeniably the best thing society could ever ask for. It has brought significant changes and has boosted up sectors like energy, physical sciences, information and communication. With the invention in technology, society as a whole has gained at an unprecedented rate. From the infrastructure and transportation to electronics and communications, technology has paved its way in every nook and corner of the society.

As the message from Inna Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO on the occasion of the World Science Day for Peace and Development 10 November 2010 says ‘Science cannot develop in isolation. It flourishes through the dialogue of individuals, through the interaction of cultures and communities and through the meetings of minds. It prospers in a soil that is rich in diversity and in a climate that favors diffusion and cross-fertilization. Ideas must migrate to develop, they must be shared to take root, and they must be accessible for all to benefit.’

With this spirit, let us hope that Science reaches every nook and corner of the society and helps in making the world a global and technically sound village.

Kesari Tours wishes all Happy Science Day!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Experience the Splendor of South-East Asia

Appetizing food, nature’s beauty to explore, exciting places to visit and an enriching culture to experience, that’s what a holiday is supposed to provide. South-East Asia offers all this and much more that could make for a memorable vacation. This wonderful part of the world is visited by numerous travelers all the year round. Becoming the most popular international holiday destination, South- East Asia has something to offer to everyone. Theme parks and Science museums for the kids, Casinos and night safari’s for the young and beautifully landscaped botanical Gardens for the elder lot, the south-East Asia offers fun, frolic and laughter to people across all age groups.

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Cruise amongst all luxuries on the sparkling waters of Singapore or bask at the beautiful beaches in Thailand or become a shopaholic at Bangkok, you can do anything and everything but not afford to miss it! Visit South-East Asia and cherish the most memorable moments of your life. Kesari Tours endeavors to facilitate a comfortable and charismatic travel to South-East Asia. The South-East Asia tours are a perfect opportunity to bask in the beauty of the most beautiful destinations across the globe. Entertainment, shopping, adventure, food and romance…all can be experienced at South-East Asia and Kesari intends to offer you the best of it all!!