Monday, January 19, 2015

Long Weekend Trips

We all love spending time with our friends and family, don’t we? And wait for that one break which sets us free from our daily routine, as they say all work no play makes Jack a dull boy. Most of us will agree that a weekend goes around so quick that by the time we realise that it’s a weekend we are already planning for our meetings on Monday. A long weekend is something that all working class people crave for, it is something that gives us time to spend with not only our loved ones but also rejuvenates us from our daily hectic schedules.
Top reasons why people prefer long weekends you ask?

  • Hassle-free – Yes, when you plan for your long weekend you don’t have to think twice whether your friends would be available or will your boss approve your leaves? It is something that you know well in advance about holidays. Come on, checking holidays is the first thing we do before planning any trip, at least I do it.
  • Quick – It doesn’t require you to pack stuff for days neither do you have to go and shop especially for your trip on the long weekend.

  • Exciting – The reason that makes the long weekend trips exciting is that you just can’t afford to waste time, yes, not even 5 minutes of your extra sleep. Because you know you would love to get the most out of this and wouldn’t mind sacrificing your usual sleep by getting up early in the morning.
  • Affordable – And they don’t burn a hole in your pocket! It’s affordable and one can easily save a lot of money by planning everything well in advance.
Are you ready for the long weekend of 24th -26th January 2015?