Friday, March 30, 2012

You are ‘She’

She is affectionate, She is amazing, She is pretty, She is Passionate. ‘She’ is you!! Being a ‘Woman’ is God’s greatest blessing. And you are lucky to be one!! Celebrate womanhood in a unique way. Explore the exotic destinations of the world with other beautiful ladies like you. Shopping, Chatting, Feasting, Music and Dance, experience all the ‘Girlie’ fun with your women counterparts. Saluting the woman of today we bring to you the original and exclusive ‘Ladies Special’ tours from Kesari.

Kesari Tours

Kesari’s My Fair Lady tours offer women the opportunity to explore the world their way.  As a break from their daily chores and hectic lifestyle, it is indeed a wonderful opportunity to experience joy, innovation and celebrate the spirit of her being with her female counterparts. Kesari tours’s interesting range of My Fair Lady Tours promises to offer an incredible range of tour options. These tours to places in India and abroad are designed to offer a lifetime experience. Filled with fun and entertainment with games, antakshari, dance, fashion shows and much more, My Fair Lady Tours are designed to offer a lifetime experience. These tours take you to the most exotic and beautiful destinations in India and abroad. From the thrilling and adventurous Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen to the Scintillating Switzerland, modern America and incredible Europe, Kesari offers all.

Ladies, Do you have a reason to wait? Celebrate the spirit of womanhood with open arms..!! You definitely owe that to yourself.!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Celebrate Gudhi Padwa with Zest and Zeal!!

Kesari Tours

Marking the auspicious start of a New Year, Gudhi Padwa is a celebrated Indian festival that is rejoiced by one and all. People in the Indian state of Maharashtra celebrate this festival with pious emotions and religious sentiments. A Gudhi is raised in every house. A Gudhi is seen by Maharashtrians as a symbol of victory and prosperity. People clean their houses, share authentic Indian sweets, wear new clothes and spread love all around. With hearts filled with hope and aspirations, devotees also offer prayers to the Almighty on the auspicious occasion of Gudhi padwa. The same festival is also celebrated in some south Indian states with a different name i.e. Ugadi. Irrespective of the name or the rituals performed, Gudhi Padwa is celebrated with immense enthusiasm and happy emotions.

Aaplya sarvanna Gudhi Padwyacha hardik shubhechha!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Embark on a Spiritual Journey with Kesari

The more we fulfill our worldly duties and responsibilities, the more we tend to seek inner peace and awakening. Spirituality exists in all of us. We just acknowledge it at different times. Faith in the Almighty and belief in the supernatural cosmic powers give us inner strength and courage to face challenges and accomplish our goals successfully. Be it lord Krishna, Shri Balaji, Guru Nanak or Jesus Christ, names are many but the belief is in just one transcendent power that is responsible for the creation of this big wide world.

India is a land of enriching cultural heritage. This exotic country is home to some of the most divine destinations of the world which must be explored and visited in reverence to the Almighty. Kedarnath Temple in north, Tirupati in South, Dwarka in West and Jagannath Temple in the East are some of the must-see sacred destinations in India amongst a several others. 

Kesari Tours

The Kesari Tours are another addition to the bouquet of specialty tours offered by the company. These exclusive travel packages are specially designed to expose one to the eternal power of nature and help him acknowledge and explore the pious sentiments and spirituality he hides within himself. Kesari Tours offers a varied suite of travel packages to the numerous places of worship in India.

So wait no more and book your date with the divine…Choose your sacred tour with Kesari and indulge in the ceaseless power of God.

Tour departures begin from March and will continue until the month of December.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Making For a Great Summer Vacation

Its that time of the year when students start planning their summer vacations and needless to say, travel is always a part of it. From learning comes development that eventually paves way to  a successful life. The conventional way of learning has undergone a sea change as parents now believe that learning not only comes from textbooks but from real life experiences too  as they succeed in making everlasting impressions. In today’s time and age, all round personality development has become a pre-requisite for all. As extracurricular activities form an integral part towards enhancing a student’s personality, so does travel. It has been very truly said that travel broadens the mind and enriches the soul. For children, it is an interesting way of learning with a wholesome approach. Meeting new people, understanding various cultures and way of life inculcates an array of developmental attributes within them making them street smart, confident and informed beings. It imbibes tolerance, responsibility, generosity and sensitivity to numerous issues.

Kesari Tours

With Students Special Tours, Kesari tours comes up with an exclusive range of tours that aim to offer students great fun along with a rich learning experience. The tours offer students the opportunity to observe, understand and learn while traveling around the globe. With a sense of responsibility that these tours bring to the children, they truly make children smartly independent. Parents rightly call them confidence boosters. Kesari’s Students Special Tours are specifically schedules for April-May departures. Keeping the preferences of children and parents, Kesari Tours has launched two Indian tours The Garhwal Himalayan Expedition and The Ganga Expedition which include various camping activities like cliff jumping, river crossing, rafting etc

Besides, there are various international tours like Roller Coaster Special, Singapore Science Centre with Universal Studios, Kennedey Space Center and Disney World, Kennedy Space Center, Disney World with New York Washington DC and Switzerland Paris with Technorama Science Center and Disneyland special guest on tour child star Darsheel Safary.

So wait no more. Gift your children an experience that they would cherish all their lives. Let them explore themselves while they explore the world during the wonderful summer vacation.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

As Mary Mcleod Bethune puts it

Whatever glory belongs to the race for a development unprecedented in history for the given length of time, a full share belongs to the womanhood of the race.

Perhaps, the strongest and most beautiful creation of God that a woman is, she deserves to be loved, respected and looked up to in every aspect. 

Kesari Tours

As a way to salute her for what she is, International Women’s Day is commemorated every year all across the world on March 8th. The day is celebrated in different ways at different parts of the world. The day celebrates admiration, love, respect, achievement, appreciation towards woman-the creature with profound love and the unparalleled power to give. 

Today, woman has carved a niche for herself in almost all the arenas. From Barkha Dutt in Jounalism, Asha Bhosale in Music, Kiran Bedi in Indian Police to Aishwarya Rai in films, Sudha Murthy in Social Work, Veena Patil in Travel and Tourism and numerous other names and numerous other areas, she has proved that with her determination and will power, she can excel in whatever she gets on to. 

Women’s Day is truly the day to celebrate womanhood. Women should rejoice their being, step out and have a ball of a time. Men of course should show their love and respect to them in the best possible manner. To their mothers, sisters, wives or friends, they truly need to showcase their love and respect for her. 

We all know, she does deserve to be acknowledged not just on a particular day but every single day. 
Kesari Tours wishes all the women a very Happy Women’s Day. 

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