Thursday, February 23, 2012

Into the Wilds with Kesari

Kesari Tours
Imagine watching a lion lead your way into the Jungle or a tiger prowling on its prey. And that is definitely not all. The world offers an extensive array of wildlife riches with wild jungles, incredible flora and fauna. A sloth bear or a wild hyena, jungle life offers thrill, adventure and beauty in a remarkable fashion. Bandhavgrah, in India known to have the highest density of tiger sighting is a ‘must to visit’ destination for wildlife enthusiasts. As South Africa is famous for Elephants, Leopards, Lions, Wild Buffaloes and Rhinos, Kenya is known for Elephants, Hyenas and Zebras.

Wildlife Tours have been creating ripples all around. Not only wildlife enthusiasts but people from all walks of life have been showing great interest in such tours.

Kesari Tours, with its fine range of 'Jungle Tours' offer an experience of pleasure and adventure in an extraordinary way. It brings together the spectacular natural wonders with the comfort and ease that you want. The nature trail in open jeeps through lush green forests offers an awe-inspiring experience. Kesari’s Jungle tours make you witness the enchanting and delightful world of wildlife.

For wildlife photographers, India is truly an extraordinarily excellent option. With a wide range of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks and innumerable species of birds and animals, it offers too much to choose from.

The wildlife tours are designed keeping in mind the security and fun factor. The rich natural destinations are chosen and itineraries are made to maximum the wildlife and cultural experience.

Watching a wild animal in its natural habitat, noticing the movements, behavior, calls, pug marks.. Doesn’t it sound exciting? Wait no more..!! Get your bags packing to explore and enjoy nature at its natural best.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Celebrate love..!! Celebrate life..!!

An emotion of fondness and attachment, love is the strongest of all human sentiments. It symbolizes kindness and consideration, compassion, admiration and affection. Love says selflessness. It definitely is the emotion based on which existence exists.

Kesari Tours

This beautiful emotion varies from romantic love and the emotional closeness with one’s partner to love that is familial. Love can also be platonic in nature for friends and can be of admiration and adulation for someone we look up to.

A child starts loving his or her family even before his or her mind is developed enough to understand the slightest degree of this emotion. It is by this experience, that a child learns what is it to love and adore. With time and age, he comes across the various aspects of this feeling.

Entering into teenage, the crush is thought of as love and is dreams of day in and day out. People live in a world of dreams and love imagining their lives with that one person. Further, dreams fade and reality sets in and so love takes a different form. It then becomes not ‘the only thing’ unlike the teenage era. People learn how to balance different facets of life and how to prioritize things. They understand how to get out of the shell and live life the ‘real’ way. Needless to say, love does not cease to exist. In fact it becomes stronger and more intense.

Love is the biggest, strongest and greatest emotion in the world. The essence, love remains. It takes different shape as it settles in different stages and chapters of life.

For Kesari Tours, love is making their Guests' dreams come true. Their experiences, memories are important to us.......we make your dreams come true!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Holiday with Kesari from London

With an endeavor to offer customer satisfaction of the highest order and cater to the varied requirements of guests, Kesari Tours started operating from its office in London in the year 2010. It strives to provide inclusive tours to places across the globe. Taking you to all the beautiful places of tourist importance in terms of the history, culture, archeology, natural beauty, so on and so forth, Kesari promises to offer an experience worth cherishing. The name Kesari tours connotes quality and nothing less than that. It attempts hard to offer exactly what the customer wants. Comfortable, hassle free and incomparable services at unbeatable prices..!!

Kesari Tours

With the exclusively designed tours from London, Kesari tours has taken a leap ahead to becoming global. It now aims at catering to people across the globe. These tours take one across the beautiful and magnificent attractions of Europe by coach. This way they give them ample space to discover the places and enjoy every moment in a relaxed manner. The duration of these tours vary from 4 days to 20 days. With such an extensive bracket, the tours take care of the duration of the stay and the budget of all kinds of discerning travelers. Kesari provides famous tours to the exquisite places of India and the brilliant destinations of Europe. The ravishing South East, thrilling South Africa, lovely Dubai, Scintillating Mauritius, the strong and modern Japan, diverse and fast China..You name it and Kesari has it, the tours with absolutely no hidden costs.

Come, explore the world with Kesari..!!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Romance your Honey on a romantic ‘Honeymoon’!

The eternal bond of love when given the name of marriage becomes even more intense and everlasting. Marriage is indeed a beautiful institution and one must experience this. Embarking on a wonderful journey of togetherness, two individual souls tie a knot of forever commitment amongst the presence of the Almighty. They exchange vows and promises that are to be kept a lifetime. Marking the beautiful beginning of a new life, all newly-weds often go for Honeymoons to celebrate their coming together. The Honeymoon period indeed brings the most romantic days of any Man and Woman’s life. This is the time to spend some quality time with your better half and share the most fascinating moments of your life. Adding to the romance and excitement, the honeymoon destination plays a vital role in making it a success.

Kesari Tours

Be it the sparkling white beaches, snow-covered mountains or deserted islands, the couple can opt for a honeymoon of their choice at the several fascinating destinations spread across the world. Where international honeymoon destinations lure the couple with the spellbound beauty they offer, domestic places of visit are tremendously becoming popular amongst the newly-weds. Kesari tours offers you a suite of romance-filled honeymoon tours to various destinations all over the globe. Amongst Indian tour packages are included enchanting places Kerala, Shimla, Manali and Ooty. These wonderfully landscaped destinations offer alluring environs to those in love! They offer a geographical feast in the lap of Mother Nature.

Not to be ignored are the mesmerizing honeymoon destinations abroad. The Magnificent Malaysia, Scintillating Singapore, Majestic Mauritius or the Enchanting Europe, these delightful places of visit offer a perfect Romantic Holiday! Understanding the needs and requirements of newly-wed honeymooners, Kesari Tours offers comprehensive travel packages. These include Meals, accommodation, sightseeing, entertainment etc. Everything is well taken care of to let the couples enjoy quality time with their partners for life. As we say, Marriages are made in heaven and Honeymoons with Kesari! So plan the most romantic days of your life with us and cherish those moments forever!