Thursday, November 07, 2013

Celebrate the New Year with the Dubai Shopping Festival 2014!

Raise a toast to that time of the year when the old loses its sheen and makes an exit to make way for the new. The new year holds many promises of beautiful surprises and joyful tidings.

And what could be a better way than to start it with the stunning views of the Burj Khalifa, overwhelming rides of the Ferrari Theme Park, awe-inspiring sights of the 33,000 species of underwater animal life at the Dubai Mall's Aquarium and the brand new highlight, the Dubai Shopping Festival 2014! All this and more with the exciting tours of Kesari. Begin the New Year by giving it a wonderful start with the sensations of Dubai!

A city of many colors, it leaves you in an enchanted state of mind, as it unfolds its mysteries to give you a riveting experience. Dubai is filled with the most eccentric eye-popping constructions. It is an excellent blend of the historic and the ultra modern. Witness the panorama of the world's largest shopping mall, the Dubai Mall, have an incredible experience while you get close to the most fascinating underwater creatures on the planet in the Dubai Mall's Aquarium, enjoy the amazing views from the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa. Visit the many sightseeing like the Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai Museum, Atlantis Hotel, and other beautiful sights. Enjoy shopping at the Gold Souk Market and visit the Ferrari Theme Park at Abu Dhabi to enjoy the thrills and adventure of the various bewildering rides.

Dubai is experienced best when it is in all its glory at the biggest celebration, the Dubai Shopping Festival 2014! If you are visiting Dubai, then this festival is a must go! A great place for all the avid shoppers of the world, as they lay their hands on some of the greatest discount deals. A month long fiesta, it is all set to take over your senses, with its enchantments and activities that thrill. It starts on 2nd January and ends on 2nd February of 2014. Experience the magic of this festival with Kesari Tours as there are special tours exclusively for Dubai offering options of 4 to 7 days. Start the new year with a Bang, with the biggest shopping festival! Now fly to enjoy the best of the magnificent Dubai!

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Friday, November 01, 2013

Get unforgettable experiences travelling across Europe with Kesari

It is the stuff dreams, romantic interludes and Bollywood movies are made of. Lush, undulating green landscapes, stunning mountaintops and bright rows of flowers. If anyone were to describe this scene to you, don’t you immediately think ‘Europe?’
If the continent has been on your itinerary for long but you never made the booking, now is the time. From quaint towns and green farms to vibrant and bustling cities, the countries in Europe are known for their enthralling festivals and adventurous sporting activities. We are putting all this well within reach. We are offering a European tour starting atnever before price for just Rs. 1 Lakh.

From London to Prague and from Madrid to Paris, a European vacation with Kesari will give you the most amazing experience you would have in your lifetime. For those looking to go to their favourite destinations, we have well-planned trips to cover the must-see sights. For the explorers who want to see offbeat things, we have trips that are discoveries in themselves. We completely believe our patrons deserve the best and we leave no stone unturned in finding the exclusive location and activities that would excite even the most wary traveler.

For 20 years we have worked with travelers’ itineraries to virtually every corner of Europe. Our specialty lies in creating individualized programs to suit their specific needs. We think of ourselves as travel architects, we dig deep into our vast knowledge and experience to find the perfect combination of experiences for each client. We offer 38 unique European Holiday packages at special offer price.
With more than 250 loving and professional tour managers at your service, we ensure that every second of your trip is pure bliss. We love to encourage our clients to step beyond the known and explore the lesser-known locations. Our managers ensure that the travelers are enlightened with the cultural and historical significance of every place we visit.

Fine dining, best accommodation facilities, comfortable travelling, and travel insurance we have all your bases covered. Sign Up for a European travel package now and be sure to get everlasting memories.  

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Mesmerizing Nepal!

From the glistening snow-clad peaks to the centuries-old Stupas and temples, Nepal has the mystical inescapable charm attracting all travel seekers of the world.  

The beautiful sights keep you engaged as you let your curiosity rule, when you explore one sight after the other. The panorama of the mountains signify the guarding image of  an army of soldiers. One of the best places for soul-searching, it is a heaven for the mountains lovers. Let this place leave you spellbound as you uncover its sensations.

Kathmandu is the capital and soul of Nepal, a city that describes Nepal's urban nerve and its spiritual side. Visit the Pashupatinath temple, one of the holiest Hindu pilgrimages in Nepal, Kathmandu Durbar Square, and Patan Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is endowed with unique Stupas, Boudhanath Stupa  is one of the biggest Stupas in the world built during 5th century A.D, Budhanilkantha also called 'the Sleeping Vishnu' and Swayambhunath Stupa, add on the spiritual glamor of Kathmandu.        

Nepal is blessed with many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks spread across its terrains. Chitwan has one of the oldest and famous wildlife reserves, it is the wildlife paradise of Nepal which takes you on a journey to remember as it exhibits its wild side with the display of animals and colorful species of birds. Visit the Chitwan National Park, to see the rare of its kind, the one-horned Rhinoceros, the Royal Bengal Tigers, Elephants and more. Let the adventure bug bite you as you enjoy the jungle safaris, canoe rides, jungle walks, birdwatching etc. in this amazing land flora and fauna.    

Watermarked with the splendor of Mount Fishtail as its backdrop, Pokra has the fascinating views with the added glamor of beautiful riverbanks, stunning waterfalls, lakes and temples. Nepal is a beautiful blend of traditional and modern way of life.

Monday, September 30, 2013

The Beautiful Treasures Of South East Asia!

Whether you are a first timer, or a seasoned traveller, South East Asia is a region that never fails to impress, be it fun, entertainment, food or shopping. And while its countries attract all kinds of crowds, there is always a little bit of indulgence away from the masses. You’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of luxury hideaways dotted throughout South East Asia. One of the most riveting places in the world, it is synonymic for being a value for money destination. 
South EastAsia has many jewels to its crown be it Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia or Singapore, it cannot be completed or contained with the description of any one destination. Thailand has the pristine white beaches with carpeting jade waters, amazing wildlife, delicious food and more. Go shopping in places where you would get better deals and great bargains like in Bangkok, it is a truly a shopper's heaven.   

See the panorama of the Petronas Twin Towers, as you step into the happening city of Malaysia, get close and personal with the underwater creatures at the Marine Life Park of Singapore. These were some of the popular destinations, but there are also some offbeat destinations away from the concrete jungle.
There are various places in South East Asia where the human crowds have not set foot in, like Bali of Indonesia. The ethereal paradise stands for being a one stop for many destinations, and yet is so humble in its way of life. It is adorned by the many ancient temples, idyllic beaches, glorious mountain ranges. Vietnam too has such hidden wealth as that of Halong Bay and other fascinations, Cambodia's Angkor temples are a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for their magnificent remains of Khmer empire. South East Asia is an awesome and pocket friendly destination, the best choice for the first time foreign traveler.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Singapore Thailand Malaysia with Star Cruise

Getaway for a dream holiday in the magical trio of Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia! Celebrate, by having the time of your life with holidays in the pearls of South East Asia with the luxury, comfort and entertainment of Star Cruise.
Thailand is full of surprises! Enjoy a walk at the crystal blue beaches with pristine white sands and enjoy adventurous activities like Parasailing, Coral formations by Glass Bottom Boat at the Pattaya Coral Island. Watch the spectacular Alcazar show, hold your breath as you view the entire city of Pattaya from the 55th floor of Pattaya Park Tower. Make a visit to the World's largest Buddha- the Golden Buddha, and also the Principle Buddha and the Reclining Buddha. Experience the happenings of the Safari World, Marine Park and other amazing animal shows in the impressive Bangkok.

Malaysia is a land of incredible wonders, see the beautiful Batu Caves, get high on entertainment in the Genting Highlands. Travel by Asia's longest and fastest Cable car and get the glimpses of the world under, enjoy the indoor and outdoor Theme Park for its various rides. Witness the the panaroma of the celestial K.L Tower, watch in awe the magnificent Petronas Twin Towers, King's Palace, Dataran Merdeka Square, National Mosque and more. Shop till you drop at the Suria KLCC and delight yourself with the flavorsome cuisines.

Singapore is a city-state known for its quality of being a pleasure and business hub. It is a potpourri of the plush, modern life with different cultures, lifestyle and influences. View the awe-inspiring sights of the astonishing Marina Bay Waterfront and other landmarks from the Singapore Flyer ride. Add on to your excitement as you make a visit to the Universal Studios, enjoy as you dine in the unique atmosphere of the Night Safari

And imagine, with all this you are on board enjoying world-class service and extravaganza of the marvelous Star Cruise. Get enthralled in the Cable Car ride from Mt. Faber to Sentosa Islands, adore the rare species of the Marine World. Mesmerize yourself in the wondrous beauty of these lovely destinations with the leisure of Star Cruise!

Monday, September 02, 2013

Kerala Kanyakumari - A Remarkable Combination !

 Escape from the mundane to discover the lands of boundless natural beauty with spell-binding landscapes, breathtaking coastlines, magnificent temples and more, in the Southern prides of India, Kerala and Kanyakumari!  
Kerala boasts a heterogeneous and massive bio-diversity complimented with beautiful shorelines. Go lost in the alluring sights of the long stretches of backwaters, amazing hill stations, picturesque valleys, exotic beaches, the list is endless.

Munnar is a sought-after tourist spot in Kerala which is famous for its sprawling tea and spice plantations, variety of flora and fauna, water falls, pictorial valleys and much more to look out for. The place also has Mattupetty dam and Attukal falls to its credit that charm all.. Kerala is truly God's Own Country.

Another destination is the awe-inspiring Kanyakumari, stunning colossal statues and monumental temples especially the ones in the middle of the waters like that of the Swami Vivekanand Rock Memorial, are admirable. The other look out points to discover are the Padmanabh Swami temple, Tri Samudra Milan and Gandhi Mandapam.

Far from the maddening crowd, there are sanctuaries of birds and wild animals which make a common sight, like that of Thekkady in Kerala, which has the notable Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary known for its Elephant Reserve and Tiger Reserve. Multifariousness is found in animals, birds and plants and the vast surroundings in both the destinations. Activities like bamboo rafting, nature walk, camping, border trekking etc. are good options to explore one's adventurous side. Kerala and Kanyakumari are the most frequented destinations of South India. They have got the charms to impress all!

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Andaman - Nature's Very Own Canvas!

Pristine white sands, crystal-clear turquoise waters, spellbinding geography... Take a dive into the mysteries of the amazing AndamansNestled in the heart of Bay of Bengal, the Andaman Islands is a group of unspoiled islands, with natural stunners like the exotic beaches, unusual mud volcanoes, limestone caves and incredible flora and fauna. A true delight! It is an idyllic escape from the daily hustle-bustle of the city.


Andaman is also known for the Kala Pani, a cellular jail at Port Blair. It has been a witness to the chronicles of one of the most darkest and horrifying periods of Indian history. The Light and Sound show exhibited in the premises, is an inspiring performance of these times, about the pain and torture afflicted on our great freedom fighters imprisoned by the British.

The main treasures of this beautiful place are the numerous islands it possesses. These islands are gifted with mesmerizing beaches. The Havelock island is the largest of all islands, with Radhanagar beach as a jewel in its crown, it was considered as Asia's best beach in 2004 by the Times magazine. Viper island and Jolly Buoy island are among other significant islands.  

The island is a heaven for adventurists, as there are a number of activities to be explored here. Experience the under water fascinations of the corals and marine life with water sports like Snorkeling and Scuba diving. Taste the exquisite delicacies and be spoilt for choice especially,the extravagant
sea food. All you need is an ample amount of time to seek its marvels!
Spin a tale of your own, as you wander in this magical paradise!

Lets redefine Exotica!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Discover Japan China...!!!

One crafted with high-end designs, the other with a touch of elegance and style,unveil the secrets of the awesome twosome- Japan and China!

A country gifted with one of the greatest economies of the world. It is also one of the strongest, for it has recovered from the numerous setbacks of the past and emerged victoriously. Japan is a mixed bag, containing the old and the new. It is known for its avant-garde technology, the majestic Mt. Fiji and mostly for its revered traditions, customs and culture.

Sprawling gardens, beautiful temples and towering skyscrapers are some of the many things which add to its arresting beauty. It is truly, the 'Land of the Rising Sun'. The Forbidden City, the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, the Great Wall- one of the seven wonders of the World and more, all belong to the wonder country China.

It is home to many historical and monumental witnesses of Chinese history. Grand and vibrant, it has the perfect blend of the past and the contemporary. Amazing landmarks, luscious cuisines, great shopping experience, will keep you hungry for more!

Come and surrender to the surprises of Japan and China!

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Experience The Charisma Of Rajasthan, In The Magical Monsoons!

What pops into your head if you run across the word 'desert', does an image of a lifeless, dry barren land come to your mind?. But what if you are shown, a different picture, a picture where a desert is no more an expressionless turf but a carnival of colors, where Life is a Celebration. Golden sands, majestic forts, stunning palaces, authentic cuisine, age-old art and culture, folk music and dance, a list that would go on and on, to describe the desert jewel of India, Rajasthan.

 Rajasthan is a state synonymous with royalty, valor and architectural legacy, no wonder it is called the 'Land of Kings'. Jaipur, the 'Pink City' and capital of Rajasthan is encompassed by towering hills and awe-inspiring forts, it reflects the style and buzz of a mad urban city. Udaipur is another significant city with sprawling gardens,serene lakes, magnificent forts, palaces, and temples. Pushkar, the valley town is known for the only Brahma temple in India. Jodhpur is a celebrated city with regal palaces and mighty forts like the Meherangarh fort, Chanwa fort and Sardar Samand lake palace. 

The vibrancy of this state, is manifested by its cities and towns, that define the enlivening verve of the people. Savor the taste of Rajasthan with its delicacies that reflect the multicolored Rajasthani culture. The folk music and dance is said to be the heart and soul that has been passed on, from generations to generations.  

This season, immerse yourself in the spectrum of beautiful colors, see the sun-soaked earth get drenched in the rains. Catch the glimpses of nature's elegance in the dancing peacocks, green terrains and cheering people as the rain gods bless this land. 

Be there to witness the Monsoons, create a picturesque spectacle on this desert-land, and see it welcoming you, saying Padharo Mhare Des!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kashmir! In All Its Crowning Glory

Welcome to India's very own, Paradise on Earth – Kashmir, an epitome of ethereal beauty. It is adorned by picturesque snow-clad mountains, shimmering lakes sparkling like diamonds and wide spread beautiful landscapes. It is truly Mother Nature's abundance and splendor on Earth.

Kashmir has the wondrous grandeur, which lies in its sheer beauty and favorable climate, enthralling all its visitors. Though all the seasons add new charm and different shades to it, Spring is the most loved and celebrated. It brings happiness and delight to the Valley, adding new life after long months of chilling winter. The season of revival starts its journey in March and ends in early May. During this time, much of the earth is dressed in a flourishing carpet of blossoms, making it look like a kaleidoscope of colors.  

The features of this beautiful valley would be incomplete without the mentioning of its famous water bodies, the lakes. They represent tranquility, and manifestation of nature's artistry on the canvas of Kashmir, mostly with a staggering view of the backdrop of the lakes. Amongst the list of its enormously pictorial lakes, Dal lake has a prominent significance, surrounded by magnificent mountains, sprawling gardens and orchards. The waters are serene, calm and a bliss to the visitors and surroundings. The Shikaras and Houseboats are the common sights here, to have the ultimate relaxing experience of the lakes.

This crown jewel of India, is complimented with beautiful towns, covered with a blanket of green meadows and photographic scenery. Gulmarg and Sonmarg are some of the popular hill stations, praised with the spectacular sights of silvery snow peaks, whose sensations are sung by those, who experience it. The exhilarating Gondola rides are the best means to enjoy the allures, of these towns. The towns are a haven for sports enthusiasts, who wish to explore it to the large.
The exquisiteness of Kashmir is magnified with the classic blend of its unique culture, ethics, people and divine cuisines.
So, escape from the mundane, to witness Nature's extravaganza in its purest form!

If Its Heaven On Earth, It's Here, It's Here, It's Here!

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Refreshing Weekend @ Singapore


 How beautiful would it be, to look back at a life, spent in the loving company of family and friends, to run your fingers through the picture albums of smiling, happy memories!  And not to miss, a relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated YOU!

 It may seem like a dream, as the beauty of life has been lost, among the four walls of our work places, leaving little or no time for ourselves. Gone are the days when we had the luxury of time, generously shared with the people we love. It is important to take a break from the humdrum of everyday reality, to rejuvenate ourselves. Though long vacation breaks are a distant dream, you can always go for a Chota Break!

So, get ready for a short weekend getaway, with Kesari's Chota Break and treasure some of the most beautiful moments of your life with your loved ones. Enjoy this short holiday, as it explores the stunning destinations all around the world, especially the 'must-see' sights in a short period of time.


 This August, pack your bags and fly, to one the most spellbinding destinations, Singapore. Enchant yourself with the visit to the historical landmarks like the Parliament House, City Hall, Fountain of Wealth and more. Mesmerize, with the views of exotic birds in Jurong Bird Park, take a monorail ride to enjoy the Penguin Parade, Talking Birds and other animal shows. Watch in awe, the breathtaking views of Marina Bay, Marine Life Park and Gardens by the Bay. Delight yourself with sumptuous cuisines and be spoilt for choice while shopping at Little India and other shopping points. 

Plan the most awaited long weekend of your life with your loved ones to Singapore, taking-off on 15th August, and take a Chota Break with Bada Mazaa!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Explore Australia

Mesmerize In The Island Paradise

 Ever imagined, the world without Australia. Where would you find the beautiful marvels, like the Great Barrier Reef, the Twelve Apostles, the Sydney Opera House, the glimpses of Kaolas, exotic birds and other fascinations. Australia is a home to the world's most charming wonders, ever to have graced the earth. Though the country is enriched with a distinct and diverse quality of life evident in its culture,art, history, cuisines and people, it is more manifested in its nature's bounty of tranquil deserts, flora, fauna, snow crowned mountains, dense forests, and more. Let us see, why we are so gung ho about this Kangaroo country called Australia.

 Starting with the celebrated harbor city and capital for New South Wales, Sydney which is famous for its illustrious Sydney Opera House and the notable Harbor Bridge as the most prominent features. It is a fusion of different cultures, arts, ethics, cuisines and lifestyles.
Melbourne, the Mecca for the sports crazy has the Victorian charm, in its architecture. Its stunners are the Nobby Point, which has the views of the Sea-lions flopping around the rocks and the incredible Phillip Island known for the spectacular Penguin parade. But Melbourne would be incomplete without the breathtaking views of the glorious Twelve Apostles and the splendid Lock Ard Gorge, a great feast for your eyes!

 Soak yourselves in the vibrant and sunny city of Brisbane, one of the most loved cities in Australia. It wears many hats, as that of housing the legendary Town Hall, Kangaroo Point and the South Bank Waterfront. It is a city that never sleeps,it will leave you, desiring for more.
Drench into the allures of the enchanting Great Barrier Reef, one of Mother Nature's most remarkable gifts to mankind, it is the largest coral reef in the world with an uncommon marine life existing in blue crystal waters, found only in Cairns. Take a short trip to the Kuranda Rain Forest and enjoy the scenery with the sky-rail cable car ride. You won't say enough to this natural wonderland. 
 Enjoy and explore at the sun-soaked Gold Coast with the sights of Lorikeet birds, Kangaroos, Koalas and more at the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary. Have fun with your favorite cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, Daffy and others, at the distinguished Warner Bros. Movie World.
The truly phenomenal Australia never ceases to overwhelm you with its abounding beauty no matter how many times you have frequented this wonderful continent.

You'll Be Glad To Lose Yourself  Here!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

La Tomatino - Tomato Festival In Spain!

Who said, the humble Tomato is only a mere vegetable? well, here it is the ultimate weapon of fun, welcome to the biggest food fight of the planet, the Festival of La Tomatina. Celebrated once in a year, this tomato fight is purely of fun which kicks off on the last Wednesday of August in Bunol, Spain and continues for a week and features a blend of parades, music, dancing and fireworks, this year the action starts on 28th August.

Originated in the year 1945, this tradition was introduced by the youths who attacked the police with tomatoes for having been prevented to participate in the parade of the town, it was banned more than once but later this mass tomato battle endured many changes in the following years and was brought back by the increasing public demand. This unusual gala of celebration is enjoyed by locales and tourists alike, who come together to fire tomatoes at each other, the event conforms to the safety of the people, making sure that nothing else is used apart, from crushed tomatoes, to avoid injuries. It starts rolling at around 11a.m with a loud shot and the crowd is let loose to have the time of their life, and ends exactly after an hour with the second loud shot. The town is painted red and streams of tomato juice flows freely when hoses are turned on, to wash off the town and the participants wrapped in tomato juice.

And if you are still thinking what it is about, the madness is best projected in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, though most movie buffs might be well aware of it, an actual experience, says it all!
And who does it better than the expert, Kesari where La Tomatina is just another feather in its cap, along with other exotic destinations like Madrid, Cordoba, Seville, Granada, Malaga, Valencia and Barcelona, in its EJ - Best Of Spain tour. Book early, and earn a Mega Discount of 30,000rs as we are taking off on 21st August ' 2013.

So see you there, flinging Tomatoes!

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pack your bags because it is....... THAILAND

Sensational, exotic, and glamorous, Thailand is like a shimmering diamond nestled in the magical lands of South-East Asia. A culture so vibrant, it rolls along new trends and absorbs in its wake the never-ending winds of change. Thailand has in all its glory, opened its gates to tourists from all over the world.
What makes Thailand such a coveted destination? Spiraling architectural marvels dot the city and innumerable city lights light up the skies. A multifaceted cuisine that is both delicately flavorsome and gastronomically creative, Thailand is also a country that likes to put its most fashionable foot forward!

What you can look forward to most are the inviting beaches that roll out a carpet of the purest white sands, a striking contrast to crystal blue waters lapping playfully to the rhythm of a gentle breeze. The islands of Krabi, Phuket, Chiang Rai, Kohlann, Kohchang, are all the circuit you must absolutely spend some carelessly romantic mornings in. Soak up some sunshine and embrace the sea as it reaches out to you.

Sample the outstanding variety of street food that will have your taste buds on a roll. A delectable cuisine that incorporates a variety of sauces, herbs, roots, and plenty of seafood, Thailand streets are flooded with delicacies. Forget about calorie counting and binge on food that will cast forever memories!

Start up on your shopping list even as you are still saving up for a thrilling vacation in Thailand. The trendiest fashion statement pieces, iconic accessories, beautiful Buddha statues, and so much more! And while you are there, shopping through the mall, cool off your heels with some flamboyant and delicious drinks!

Thailand is a treasure trove of jewels that glisten as you unravel each one. Be it the scenic places, the food, the adventure sports or the shopping paradise, This Island country has it all that makes you happy. 

And like they say, “When you're happy and you know it pack your bags!”

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Around the World with Kesari Students' Special !

End of May and early June is the time for kids to enjoy summer vacations. Children are eagerly waiting for such a time as they get a break from their daily schedules of a routine life. In summer vacations, students have a plenty of time left for other activities. However, given the emergence of technology & video games, students usually restrict themselves to indoor activities & miss the benefits of outdoor world. To ensure that little champions get a chance to see the outside world & its beauty, parents should expose them to outdoor activities like travelling.

Kesari provides a platform from where students can enjoy and learn more about the world through Kesari Students' Special tours. Kesari offers tours for students where interest blends with care. For years, we’ve established a reputation of a travel agency which never steps behind to assure security and safety of students traveling with us. Here are some tours that we offer to students.

Garhwal–Himalayan Expedition: Adventure Unplugged
Challenge their limits & they perform miraculously. When children go out in the wilderness & tranquility of the Himalayas, they get to know the significance of this majestic mountain range. This 9 days 8 nights tour starts from Delhi airport and ends at Mussoorie covering Chamba, Mori- a site for rock climbing. Your kids will experience full adventure and entertainment at the ranges of Himalaya.

Space Centre and Disney World: Interactive Learning, Endless Fun
Unleash the budding scientists in your kid. Let his mind wander & explore the scientific gems of this World. If he is the science whiz kid, this is the best platform to draw his interest to astronomy and space study. And, when kids get to learn so much, we ensure they too have fun at Disney World, a dream for every kid. Children between 10 & 18 years can participate in this tour of 11 days and 10 nights.

Thailand: Rich Culture, Unique Geography
Get immersed in a rich saga of history, heritage and grand culture of Bangkok, Thailand. Learn more about this South East Asian nation, its unique geography and explore majestic seas and islands like Pattaya Coral. This trip is dedicated to students and children between 10 & 18 years of age and is completed within 6 days 5 nights.

Singapore, Thailand & Hong Kong: The Triple Wonders of Asia
Visit the land where science, culture & fun converge together to create a vibrant nation & economy. Welcome to some of the most beautiful countries of South East Asia like Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. The 11 days 10 nights tour starts from Bangkok, moving towards beautiful Pattaya and later to Singapore. Have fun at Sentosa Island and experience the magic of Disney Land in Hong Kong city tour.

Switzerland & Paris: Convergence of Science & Arts
The land of paradise Switzerland is not only known for its scenic beauty but it also houses some of the most famous science centers & fun-filled destinations meant exclusively for children. The 8 days 7 nights journey starts from Switzerland covering Technorama Science Center and taking kids straightaway to the chocolate factory to reveal the secret art of manufacturing chocolates. The journey ends at the amazing city of Paris with a glance at cartoon characters like Donald duck & Mickey Mouse etc.

Kesari is the right answer for students and parents who’re looking forward to experience fun and adventure in their travel plans.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Discover Europe’s Beauty in its Complete Glory!

Europe is a majestic continent with geographical and cultural diversity in its every breath. Its immense diversity makes it a melting pot of people with different ethnic and nationalities. In meeting and knowing them, somewhere you’ll find yourself. It is indeed true that dream holidays are made in Europe. Almost all the wishing wells have coins asking for a grand Europe tour and why shouldn't they be? Classy, culturally rich, and Mecca for foodies, Europe manages to fill all hearts. Realizing the immense penchant globetrotters have for Europe tour, Kesari has set up a rendezvous with Europe for thousands of happy tourists. We dare say they are so happy with the country and our service; a lot of them have come back again! In the year 2012 alone, 10,000 tourists visited Europe through our travel packages and we are proud to state that they are amazingly satisfied with our services. 

Similar trends in the year 2013 continue to amaze us. We've received overwhelming response for our Europe Tours even this year. Some of our most popular travel packages are already fully.  Our consistent performance in coming up with innovative itineraries that fit the requirements of our guests has made us the most-preferred traveler operator in India. We rigorously upgrade our itineraries to ensure that our tour covers the hottest and trending destinations in Europe.Moreover, in the recent years, Europe has shed the label of ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ destination and has become a destination good enough to visit numerous times. In fact, the diversity in preferences of Indian tourists and their different touring patterns for Europe travel amaze us! Some Tourists prefer tour period from anywhere between a week to a fortnight.Some combine two tours and go on a month long tour, extending their vacations for full one-month!

Considering these changing fancies  we have designed various Europe tours starting from 7 days to 22 days, from 1 lakh to 3.5 lakh INR. A single to multiple destinations can be booked after interacting with our tour counselor. Besides these, tourists who want to explore Europe through our special tours like My Fair Lady Europe, Second Innings Europe and Students Special Europe are welcome to do so. Irrespective of the fact you’re looking for the perfect adventure travel or a relaxed voyage to your favorite destination, be rest assured that Kesari tours has different itineraries to give you an enthralling travel experience. Indeed, our Europe tours are designed to please every generation in the family.

Excited to explore the mesmerizing Europe beauty in all its glory? Wondering where to explore the itineraries? Here’s Kesari’s travel guide:, which shall help you choose the perfect Europe tour. Visit the link to know in detail about everything related to the tour. And, if you still have queries, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

PS: **Early bookings are money saving.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

My Fair Lady–The Most Popular Ladies’ Special Tours by Kesari

Why not start for all-women exclusive tour with great entertainment? The My Fair Lady, ladies special tours offered by Kesari. The only one of its kind tour category available worldwide that offers a range of exciting and super fun-filled experiences for ladies only. Funny, gripping and intensely-observed, we create a hilarious environment in specialty tour for ladies. Being a lady if you want to make a momentous tour with your friends then look no further than coming to us. 

Your tour with us will provide you a different and unique kind of atmosphere. You will have an independent journey to gossip with your companions on the tour, leaving all your journey responsibilities for us. Arranging luxury hotels, hi-tech coaches, and sumptuous meals, time for delightful sightseeing, music-dance extravaganza, fashion show, and Paithani game show is our first priority to facilitate our guests. In fact, we at Kesari arrange all that make you happy and delightful on your tour.

Since our inception, we have been focusing on the creation of a lady-special unique tour. We have been working hard to make it a beat faster by offering the widest selection of affordable My Fair Lady - The most popular Ladies' Special tours across the world.

My Fair Lady Tour Schedule–

This year My Fair Lady will take you to several exciting tourist destinations in the world, including Goa on , Mauritius , Europe ,  USA  and Thailand . In addition to this, we have also scheduled our ladies-special tour for Hong Kong Macau Shenzen.

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