Friday, January 27, 2012

Create Everlasting Memories With A Perfect Honeymoon

As one sets on a journey that exemplifies lifelong commitments, love, care and a promise to be with each other till death do them apart, what better way to start it then to spend some special moments just with each other. Marriage is a sacred relationship that joins two people together in a bond. It is considered to be the most beautiful journey of life that defines divinity embodied in the purest form. Needless to say, honeymoon adds glitter and glint to this journey. These are truly the unparalleled and unmatched days in one’s life when even the tickling of time ceases to matter.

Kesari Tours

There are various invigorating honeymoon destinations that are blessed with the serenity of nature and vibrancy of human inventions. Ranging from the scintillating natural world and profoundly rich cultural world to the vibrancy of dazzling daytime and startling nightlife, the world offers magical and thrilling destinations that swear to sweep you off your feet.

The beauty that is beyond visual description is what the world has on its platter to offer. Plan this once in a lifetime opportunity the way you want with choices that pamper you and your soul mate in the most romantic fashion. After all, your honeymoon defines you and you define your honeymoon.

Kesari Honeymoon Tours offers you a plethora of brilliant honeymoon packages to let you celebrate the biggest and best days of your life .

Truly said, ‘Marriages are made in heaven’, enhance their sanctity and beauty even more by planning a honeymoon with Kesari Tours..!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kesari Tours – Aiming Towards Innovation

Aiming to offer a range of products and services that caters to the needs and requirements of all kinds of travelers, Kesari Tours provide innovative holidaying options. Due to the incredible personalization of services, Kesari is a brand well acknowledged and acclaimed all across the nation. The tours are based on various parameters that include age, sex, tastes and preferences. Be it the famous family tours to the fascinating destinations of Europe and South East Asia or the 224 unique specialty tours, Kesari offers tours to almost all the places. Another interesting range of Kesari Tours are Strawberi Holidays that believe in the concept of customization the way one likes it. Based on the kind of facilities and services required by the customers, these tours are designed to offer one a memorable experience.

Kesari Tours

With My Fair Lady, Kesari has taken travel to another interesting level. The super exciting concept of ladies traveling with their female counterparts has created ripples all around. This gives them the break from their daily chores and hectic schedules to unwind themselves.

With the special range of Honeymoon Tours, Kesari promises to give a great start to a new beginning. Taking the newlyweds to the most enthralling and exotic destinations, Kesari offers just what they want. And who says, age is a constraint? With Second innings tours, Kesari celebrates golden age. These tours are a growing trend among senior citizens.

And that is definitely not all. Kesari’s yatra tours (Marigold) to religious places like Kailash Mansarovar, Chardham etc brings out your spiritual side and offers peace to your mind and tranquility to your soul. Kesari’s Students Special Tours are the favorites among children as they are designed the way they want with the itinerary that fascinates them. The Chota Break Tours are short tours meant to take you away from your mundane routine and revitalize your senses. Talk of theme based tours and Kesari with its range of Jungle Tours, Agro Tours and others meets all your interests.

With such a diverse range that suffices all, Kesari truly becomes the first choice of all kinds of travelers.
Needless to say, Kesari has a range of products and services that suffices the requirements of all kinds of discerning travelers and that makes it a people’s brand.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Take a Chota Break with your loved ones!!

The most creative thoughts come out of a fresh and relaxed mind! However, busy work schedules, project deadlines and monotonous daily schedules keep us so engrossed and bonded that we hardly get time to spend some moments of peace and togetherness with our families and loved ones. It is extremely essential for us to break the monotony not just to spend quality time with dear ones but also to enhance our work efficiency and productivity which will definitely improve once we come back from a relaxing break! One cannot ignore the mounting amount of work pressures that are dealt with in a corporate working environment. This thus, does not allow one to go for a long family vacation. But says who that a break from daily monotony and work schedules has to be a long one? You can always go for a Chota Break!

Kesari Tours

Kesari Tours presents to you special tour packages exclusively for those who find it difficult to go for long holidays and cherish memorable moments with their loved ones. A Kesari Chota Break offers exciting tours to exotic destinations across the globe and covers most of the ‘to-see’ places within a short time span. It is indeed a wonderful opportunity to unwind oneself and cherish some unforgettable moments with family and friends which you have been looking forward to for long. Visit marvelous places abroad or explore the enriching cultural heritage of India…Make the most of this short yet so special ‘Chota Break’ with your loved ones!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Summer Vacation - A gift that is well deserved

Summers are approaching!! And of course your time to holiday!! It has been a hectic first half of the year and we bet you want to start the next part in a rejuvenated and refreshed manner. It is time to take a much deserved break and spend quality time with your family. There are various destinations to suit one’s preferences and pocket too. The key is to start planning your holidays in advance and get the services booked. This will make your holiday happen the way you want it in an absolutely hassle-free manner. Be it an international destination or a domestic one, a summer vacation undeniably adds zeal and zest to you and your life.

Kesari Tours

From the marvelous and fabulous European destinations like Italy, France, London and Switzerland that not only speak of natural beauty but also cultural, historical and archaeological charm to the modern lifestyle of Niagra, Orlando, Los Angeles, New York, Canada and Mexico of the United States. Other holidaying options offers by Kesari Tours include the serene and tranquil yet ravishing and captivating Australia and New Zealand. Talk of India and the options are plenty.

The breathtaking views and splendid hills of Nainital, Shimla, Mussoorie, Darjeeling and Kashmir are among the top favorites. One can also plan a trip to Rajasthan or down south to Kerala and other places. Various national parks and sanctuaries are gaining impetus and becoming the sought after destinations in India.

Check out the incredible summer deals to the most exotic destinations across the globe. Pick the perfect destination for holidaying and enjoying great time off from your daily schedule. After all, what better gift for your loved ones.