Monday, October 17, 2011

Guest Testimonial

I just returned from EUROPE tour (E1) last Friday. Thanks to Kesari Tours for once in a life time experience of exotic places in 12 countries & 31 major cities. To add fun to the pleasure was your tour-leader Kamalesh. So I am going to write about Kamalesh as a tour-leader & also as a human being. What I feel about Kamalesh is purely on the basis of his merit. Talking about Kamalesh, Kesari Tours pvt ltd is one of the best tour companies in the world is because of its people.

Being a teacher myself know how difficult it is to give all the minor details of the places we visit. His knowledge about the geographical history, cultural history, architectural beauty & various other important information about the place, related stories about it & comparison of that period with our Indian counterpart makes it interesting & we all become anxious to go & have a look at the place. He knows the roads in Europe like the lines on his own palm. My family members had been to Europe’s I had collected lot of information which I cross checked every time he talked about the place. Many a times it happened that by the time we reached the place we forgot many important things about the place and we asked him again but without getting angry or annoyed he would tell it once again.

He took care of each one of us, served us food, cracked jokes, sang songs, made fun of himself & we all had a hearty laugh. We had some problems during the tour, but he handled it very efficiently. On two or three occasions things became quite serious, but he did not lose his temper or patience. The moment it finished, he started pouring information about the place. Even when we were having some antakshani sessions, he never missed to show us a tourist points on the way. He is an avid reader, numbers & facts get fixed easily in his memory. He is a hard working guy with an optimistic approach towards life

I have seen many good tour leaders, but he is better than the best. Our blessings & best wishes are always with him. The most touching experience was at Mt. Titlis, on top of Europe at 10000 ft with minus 8 degree temperature, our entire group stood together & sang our national anthem with a shower of ice from heaven! What a superb idea!! What an imaginative personality!!!THANKS KAMALESH.THANKS KESARI!

As the MD Veena Patil said in the Sunday edition of LOKASATTA you are really lucky to have people like Kamlesh in your organization.
Keep it up!

Thank you once again, i am looking forward to next tour with Kesari Tours and Travels soon!
Love you all.


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