Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Get captivated by the unmatched and unseen beauty of South East Asia

A holiday that keeps you hopping with excitement and anticipation throughout makes for a perfect one that promises to create everlasting memories. Ranging from the scintillating and exotic beaches of Thailand, the serene charm of Indonesia, pulsating theme parks of Malaysia to the dazzling life of Macau, amusing fun of Disneyland and fascinating radiance of Singapore, South East Asia offers an array of options for all kinds of discerning travelers.

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Rich in history, abundant in culture with an extravaganza of flora and fauna, South East Asia is lavish by all means. It is loved for its dazzling nightlife and delightful shopping arena. It also represents the ancient part of Thailand with beautiful and well known temple and religious centers. Thailand offers various beach destinations like Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi and Koh Samui which boast of various water sports activities. Malaysia, a country that offers in its platter various delightful experiences like cruise tours, shopping extravaganza is definitely a place to be.

That is not all. This part of the world has places unheard, unspoken but with unmatched beauty and brilliance. Adding to the eternal beauty of South- East Asia are unexplored destinations like Vietnam, Cambodia and Burma that have not been much traveled by explorers across the globe.

Bordered by China and Cambodia, Vietnam has several thrilling experiences to offer. This is one country that truly exhibits the real essence of South- East Asia that is vividness and vitality.

Indulge in the serenity and scintillating charm of Burma. The virgin beauty of this unexplored land is unseen by many. Divine temples and sacred Stupas scattered all across represent the pious sentiments and religious beliefs of people living in this beautiful country. It’s truly Asian culture has got Burma the name of ‘Authentic Asia’. Indonesia on the other hand can reel your senses over the plethora of adventurous experiences it has to offer to its visitors. The Baleim Valley, islands of Bali and Jungles of Sumatra exhibit beauty that is captivating and alluring. Here adventure looms large. But this wonderful country of South –East Asia still remains unexplored.

Whether it is your honeymoon trip, family trip or a corporate event, South East Asia with Kesari Tours suffices the needs and preferences of all kinds of travelers. Just explore it for yourself..!!

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