Friday, December 09, 2011

Make Your Travel Hassle Free

Travel is undeniably learning and enlightening experience. An array of diverse cultures and traditions enlightens one’s mind. Traveling to different places can revitalize and rejuvenate one’s mind. It undeniably broadens one’s horizons.

Here are a few tips which shall help making your Holiday easier and happier...

Travel Tips

Pack light, pack smart:

* Select clothing which can be mixed and matched. Colors which coordinate and layers which can be varied for look and comfort.

* During Air travel, we suggest to keep one pair of clothes in your hand bag for emergency while you check in rest of your baggage.

* Things that are not allowed in Cabin Luggage (Hand Bag): Hair dryer, cream/razor/after shave lotion, cosmetics, liquors, perfumes/body sprays, batteries, tissues/baby napkins, liquids including water, etc. Containers over 100 ml of toothpaste, Hair Oil / Gel / Cream / Shampoo etc., even if partially full are not allowed in the hand bag. If carried in small quantities it must be in transparent, seal-able plastic bag. These things can be carried in a large quantity in Check- in baggage.

* Passport & photocopies, woolens as per temperature of the respective countries, handy cam, digital camera as per choice, mobile, chargers, insurance policy, toiletries, sun screen lotion (SPF 30+), sunglasses, reading glasses, cold cream, medicines (if any) with doctor's prescription, extra batteries/memory chips (they are generally expensive abroad, so buy before travel), calculator, sea sickness tablets.

* Comfortable footwear, sports shoes recommended

* Formal Shoes needed for casino entry, floaters for beach activities.

Health and Safety:

* To prevent the swelling of feet on long flights, walk in the aisle at intervals and try not to take off your shoes.

* Refrain from OD-ing on the free booze when on a flight, as too much alcohol causes dehydration. Instead drink water.

* If you are prone to motion sickness, take an anti sickness pill before the flight. The pill won't help much, if you have it after you have started feeling sick.

* Abide by the list of items prohibited on board and carry most items like skis/cues/walking canes/sticks/Swiss knives in checked in baggage - this smoothens the check-in process plus avoids the risk of confiscation and unnecessary delays.

* Let every family member carry some cash, for any emergency.

* Do not accept any package from a stranger.

* Drink sufficient water and do some stretching exercises to avoid aches and pain during long haul flights.

* Every family member should have tour manager's mobile number, hotel contact details, tour program and a number to contact on in case of an emergency.

* Carry water bottles and drink plenty of water during the day to avoid tiredness.

* Do not carry heavy bags while sightseeing. Use a long strap purse to sling along your shoulder & keep your hands free. For children, carry a small haversack.

* For the full day sightseeing where a lot of walking is involved, we suggest you to wear good sport shoes. Avoid high heel sandals.

* Important - Report any unattended items in the airport or aircraft to the nearest airport or airline personnel


Overseas Travel insurance is a complete single trip cover for a person on a business or holiday trip abroad. It covers for loss/delay of checked-in baggage, loss of passport and medical expenses during overseas stay. Overseas insurance is included in the tour price where it is mandatory by the consulates. We recommend buying overseas insurance whenever it is not included as the premium is very small as compared to the benefits

Traveling with Kids:

* Traveling with kids can be a challenge, especially with the added worry of safety is thrown into the mix.

* Before leaving on your holiday, remind children about your family safety procedures for dealing with strangers.

* Carry a recent photograph of children handy, also a photocopy of passports kept in a safe place or with a relative that can fax it to you in case of loss.

* Dressing children in bright colors makes them readily visible. Try to remember what they are wearing.

Last but not the least; enjoy your trip to your dream vacation. It’s your holiday. Live every bit of it to the fullest!

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