Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Travel to Europe - Explore destinations unseen

The world is a beautiful place to live in. There are panoramic scrivener to spread magic all around and spectacular destinations to offer excitement and adventure. Of the five continents of the world, Europe is famous for its exceptional beauty and extraordinary heritage that are waiting to be explored. The continent’s glorious past can be relived through ancient monuments and forts that showcase marvelous architecture and intrinsic art. European countries like Rome, Switzerland and France top the list of preferences of several travelers across the globe. These are well known for the astounding natural beauty they exhibit. However, not to be ignored are those fabulous cities in Europe that are yet to get their share of attention.  Austria, Prague, Scotland, Belgium and Denmark are some of the most beautiful countries of the world that have their own packages of thrill, surprise and adventure to offer! Here are few ‘Must See’ places of visit in the enigmatic European continent.

Kesari Tours

Vienna is one of the most dynamic and urban spaces in Europe. A visit to this amazing city can leave you spell bound with its marvelous beauty and splendid historical face. Many imperial palaces and ancient forts are scattered across the majestic land of Vienna. These historic monuments boast of baroque interiors and aesthetic architecture that depict the city’s magnificent past with grace and grandeur. Athens, the Greek capital exhibits an ideal amalgamation of a splendid history and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. On a visit to the city one can experience luxury amongst the spectacular wonders of Mother Nature. Its vibrant street life and relaxed lifestyle can create memories to be cherished a lifetime. Copenhagen in Demark has recently grabbed the attention of numerous explorers from all over the world. Quaint old homes and cobbled streets enclosed in lush and serene surroundings give a feel of countryside yet so contemporary and organized.

A travel to Europe without exploring such miraculous destinations would definitely be incomplete. Thus, Journey your way to an adventurous European odyssey with Kesari Tours at the shocking cost of just INR 1 Lakh! So pack your bags and be prepared to unwind yourself amongst the scenic beauty of Europe! Kesari World Tours assures you the time of your lifetime.

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