Friday, March 23, 2012

Celebrate Gudhi Padwa with Zest and Zeal!!

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Marking the auspicious start of a New Year, Gudhi Padwa is a celebrated Indian festival that is rejoiced by one and all. People in the Indian state of Maharashtra celebrate this festival with pious emotions and religious sentiments. A Gudhi is raised in every house. A Gudhi is seen by Maharashtrians as a symbol of victory and prosperity. People clean their houses, share authentic Indian sweets, wear new clothes and spread love all around. With hearts filled with hope and aspirations, devotees also offer prayers to the Almighty on the auspicious occasion of Gudhi padwa. The same festival is also celebrated in some south Indian states with a different name i.e. Ugadi. Irrespective of the name or the rituals performed, Gudhi Padwa is celebrated with immense enthusiasm and happy emotions.

Aaplya sarvanna Gudhi Padwyacha hardik shubhechha!!

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