Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Making For a Great Summer Vacation

Its that time of the year when students start planning their summer vacations and needless to say, travel is always a part of it. From learning comes development that eventually paves way to  a successful life. The conventional way of learning has undergone a sea change as parents now believe that learning not only comes from textbooks but from real life experiences too  as they succeed in making everlasting impressions. In today’s time and age, all round personality development has become a pre-requisite for all. As extracurricular activities form an integral part towards enhancing a student’s personality, so does travel. It has been very truly said that travel broadens the mind and enriches the soul. For children, it is an interesting way of learning with a wholesome approach. Meeting new people, understanding various cultures and way of life inculcates an array of developmental attributes within them making them street smart, confident and informed beings. It imbibes tolerance, responsibility, generosity and sensitivity to numerous issues.

Kesari Tours

With Students Special Tours, Kesari tours comes up with an exclusive range of tours that aim to offer students great fun along with a rich learning experience. The tours offer students the opportunity to observe, understand and learn while traveling around the globe. With a sense of responsibility that these tours bring to the children, they truly make children smartly independent. Parents rightly call them confidence boosters. Kesari’s Students Special Tours are specifically schedules for April-May departures. Keeping the preferences of children and parents, Kesari Tours has launched two Indian tours The Garhwal Himalayan Expedition and The Ganga Expedition which include various camping activities like cliff jumping, river crossing, rafting etc

Besides, there are various international tours like Roller Coaster Special, Singapore Science Centre with Universal Studios, Kennedey Space Center and Disney World, Kennedy Space Center, Disney World with New York Washington DC and Switzerland Paris with Technorama Science Center and Disneyland special guest on tour child star Darsheel Safary.

So wait no more. Gift your children an experience that they would cherish all their lives. Let them explore themselves while they explore the world during the wonderful summer vacation.

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