Friday, May 11, 2012

You are the best Mom!!

Stand up! Tuck in your Shirt! Behave yourself! We all have grown listening to these Motherly advices. Needless to say, our mothers are indeed the most special women in our lives. They are an irreplaceable part of our hearts. She has given us birth, showered love and nurtured us into the responsible human beings we are today. In our entire life span, we can never give back what She has given to us. It’s very truly said, Mothers are next to God. Only a ‘Mother’ has the strength and perseverance to bring up a child. 

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In reverence to the most beautiful creation of God, we celebrate Mother’s day with immense enthusiasm and cheer. Mother's Day is the time to express gratitude to every mother's selfless love. It’s an occasion to convey your feelings to her and tell her how special she is to you. Conveying your feelings to your mom does not ask for much, after all it’s the sentiments that matter! Whether a big bash or a small celebration at home, Mother’s day is one entire day dedicated to showcase the unconditional love and respect you have for your mother. Children of all ages celebrate the festival with great zeal and gusto. No matter how much you grow up, your mother will be your mother for life!!

Wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day!!

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