Thursday, September 27, 2012

Antarctica Voyage with Kesari!!

The very thought of it gives a chilling sensation. It is God’s unparalleled miracle. It is the white continent- Antarctica. Hailed to be one of the remotest and coldest places on our planet, 98% of Antarctica is covered by a thick sheet of ice, with an average thickness of nearly 1 mile or more! While the harsh atmosphere and extremely windy climate make it unfavorable for human and animal plant habitation to thrive, Antarctica has been inhabited by the scientific fraternity to understand the intricacies of this another world! This windiest, driest, coldest region of our Planet is known for its amazing natural beauty, some spectacular sights to behold.

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Being completely isolated from the world, the natural beauty of this place is still conserved and acts as a magnet that attracts travelers, explorers, adventurers from every nook and corner of the world. And here’s a fascinating fact: there is no government in Antarctica! So how is it managed? Can any country enter this continent and claim its ownership? Well, the fact is that Antarctica is governed by the Antarctic Treaty System and several other related agreements. These agreements have been signed by more than 50 countries and all have agreed to set Antarctica as a scientific preserve.  Any military movement or activity is banned on this continent and if a country wants to research, it has to seek international permission from the signatories. The Antarctic Treaty Secretariat is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, since September 2004.

Traveling to Antarctica is a unique experience and with Kesari tours, you can rest assured that your journey to this uninhabited part of the planet is safe and exhilarating. Your 15 days and 14 nights stay in Antarctica will take you to some of the awesome islands of Antarctica. So if you’re an explorer, it is time for you to challenge yourself and take up the Antarctica Voyage. You’ll have plenty of things to share with your friends and the world!

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