Monday, October 22, 2012

Dubai equals shopping, entertainment, adventure and a lot

The 21st century Considers Being Overworked as a status symbol. When exhausted people want to head out to a horizon where they can recharge and reinvigorate themselves, Dubai is comes on the list of most visited cities of the world for the very same reason as Dubai caters a unique blend of natural and man made tourist attractions with its desert safaris, sand dunes, water parks, aqua venture, shopping, dining and luxury hotels.  But what makes Dubai ‘The Shopping Capital of the Middle East’ is the Dubai Shopping Festival.

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Dubai Shopping Festival is an annual event scheduled during mid January to the end of February. It kicks off with a huge opening night that features light shows and fireworks across the Dubai Creek, which light up the skyline of Dubai throughout the entire festival. Approximate 3 million visitors vindicate it to be one of the best shopping experiences in the world. The Dubai Shopping Festival showcases a euphoric atmosphere with a cocktail of shopping, international concerts, musicals, outdoor sports, fashion events and contests and entertainment, jugglers and entertainers that leave the visitors smitten. Every age segment is mesmerized by the vivid variety of offering catered in the festival. It’s an extravaganza no fashionista or a shopaholic should devoid himself of.

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