Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Unforgettable Antarctica

Mr. Sunil & Mrs. Surekha Vanarase sharing their Antarctica trip experience with       Kesari Tours!!

We were standing on the cruise, waving in welcome at our fellow travelers who were sitting in the Zodiac boat and suddenly a strange sight caught our eye; four killer whales were encircling the Zodiac boat. We almost skipped a heartbeat. What would happen now? One of the killer whales raised his head over the water surface, looked at the tourists and went away gradually realizing that we were not the appropriate food for them.We heaved a huge sigh of relief. We had this strange, thrilling and a lifetime experience in our Antarctica tour with Kesari Tours.

Kesari Tours

Antarctica tour has given us many experiences of a lifetime. One such experience we had with none other than Kesaribhau himself. Kesaribhau would accompany us everywhere we went with a tremendous energy and enthusiasm. But strangely while on some island he sat on one of the rocks and told us to go ahead on our trek to the hill while he would wait for us to return. When we returned back we were mesmerized to see Kesaribhau sitting in the middle surrounded by lots of Penguins. The sight was so captivating, as if a Monk was imparting wisdom to his followers.

To summarize this tour, we would describe it as “the tour that taught us to look at life in a new light”. Our Antarctica tour was comprised of breathtaking scenery, unique experiences, the hardworking people of Antarctica, their knowledge of the land and the respect they have for the tourists. In that freezing cold weather of Antarctica, Kesari and the people of Antarctica kept us warm and cosy with their loving hospitality and we would always cherish these memories of our unforgettable tour of Antarctica with Kesari.

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