Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kesari’s ‘Second Innings’ Tour

There’s no age for traveling, there’s no defining boundaries for those who’re passionate to explore the world, defying the traditional definition of old!

Kesari’s ‘Second Innings’ is an exclusively designed tour package for the older generation. We believe these power packed tours have the potential to bring back the fun and adventure spirit of young days for our dear senior citizens. While we’re cent percent sure of giving senior citizens an unforgettable travel experience, we understand that moderation is key to maximize enjoyment. Our dedicated tour programs has a doctor on call for our esteemed guests. Our meals are excellent and we ensure that there are extra servings of snacks, tea, coffee, soft drinks, and ice creams for senior citizens, so that they’re always at the top of their toes.

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Moreover, a tour manager is always available with a group of senior citizens to listen to their needs and make their journey hassle-free.

Now, hold your seatbelts, as this year the travel is going to be more exciting and amazing. This year Kesari’s ‘Second Innings’, special tour is heading for 6 days & 5 nights to Dubai covering Sharjah & Ajman in the entire travel.

And this time, besides all the glitz, glamor and entertainment, you’ll have something amazing to experience. Yes, the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), 2013 is all set to start from January and yes, we’ll be taking our travelers there.All shopping lovers can get something unique from the myriad of brands.

So if you’ve waited for long, to gift something different and amazing to your grandparents or old parents, this is a great opportunity. Visit the below link to get all details and to contact us for making this dream tour a reality for your parents. We bet, they’ll love it every moment!

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