Thursday, February 28, 2013

Explore Hot Spot Destinations of South East Asia With Kesari!

Welcome to mesmerizing, mystical and diverse South East Asia. An integral part of the world’s largest continent, Asia, South East Asia attracts tourists from almost every part of the globe. The pulsating scenic beauty of its rural and modern countries and the plethora of cultures & traditions make South East Asia a classic symbol of dynamism. If you’re traveling through South East Asia, it is like nothing less than time travel because you observe the old and the new living in a harmony never seen in any part of the world. Being closely related to each other, diverse countries in South East Asia share several common features. In fact, most of the traditions of several countries in and around South East Asian countries are similar to Indian culture. Once you step into a South East country, you land in a place which offers a subtle mix of everything- natural beauty, adventure, tradition, religion, modernity, rustic environment and exotic wildlife.

Given the extensive opportunities to explore these, Kesari tours has 40 types of group tours dedicated to this region of the world. The tours are organized in a way that suits your interest, time and budget. We believe given the proximity of South East Asian countries to India, it is usually the one of the first foreign holiday destinations for most of us. Our tour packages range from 4 days to 15 days and the tours are planned from a single country to multiple destinations all across South East Asia. We also give tourists the option to avail our amazing specialty and group tour packages. For ladies, it is the My Fair Lady Program; for men, it’s the Prince Charming Group tour; for senior citizens, it’s the Second Innings tours! The options are endless. All you have got to do is to zero in on some options and we’ll explain you the best time, budget and destination you want to visit. 

If you’re a globetrotter determined not to leave any part surrounding the majestic South East Asia, here’s something more exciting for you. In our itinerary, we have also included some amazing options like Mauritius, Dubai, Sri Lanka and Maldives along with South East Asia and Japan China. Yes, there has been an increasing demand for Indian tourists to visit these countries so we have started including the aforementioned countries in our tour packages. It’s all for you to explore and experience.


If you’re left wondering, how to plan for an awesome South East Asia tour, here’s how we can be beneficial to you. Just give us a call, the Kesari Travel Expert will guide you through the process and will solve every query you have. Right from choosing the destination to all the concerns you have about budget and time, we will brief you everything in detail. And besides, we have also made the tasks simpler here. You can go through the extensive and helpful chart we have prepared for different itineraries. Browse through it to know every detail about the trip. We have segregated different group tours, specialty tour based on the number of days, countries and other details. Go through it and if you have any queries, feel free to give us a call. Visit for further queries.

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