Monday, September 30, 2013

The Beautiful Treasures Of South East Asia!

Whether you are a first timer, or a seasoned traveller, South East Asia is a region that never fails to impress, be it fun, entertainment, food or shopping. And while its countries attract all kinds of crowds, there is always a little bit of indulgence away from the masses. You’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of luxury hideaways dotted throughout South East Asia. One of the most riveting places in the world, it is synonymic for being a value for money destination. 
South EastAsia has many jewels to its crown be it Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia or Singapore, it cannot be completed or contained with the description of any one destination. Thailand has the pristine white beaches with carpeting jade waters, amazing wildlife, delicious food and more. Go shopping in places where you would get better deals and great bargains like in Bangkok, it is a truly a shopper's heaven.   

See the panorama of the Petronas Twin Towers, as you step into the happening city of Malaysia, get close and personal with the underwater creatures at the Marine Life Park of Singapore. These were some of the popular destinations, but there are also some offbeat destinations away from the concrete jungle.
There are various places in South East Asia where the human crowds have not set foot in, like Bali of Indonesia. The ethereal paradise stands for being a one stop for many destinations, and yet is so humble in its way of life. It is adorned by the many ancient temples, idyllic beaches, glorious mountain ranges. Vietnam too has such hidden wealth as that of Halong Bay and other fascinations, Cambodia's Angkor temples are a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for their magnificent remains of Khmer empire. South East Asia is an awesome and pocket friendly destination, the best choice for the first time foreign traveler.

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