Friday, June 27, 2014

Ladies just want to have fun!

When you are with your favourite ladies, fun and frolic is something you can always count upon!

Right from dressing up dolls to seeing each other grown into strong women and take on life, you and your girl friends have been through it all. Today, as each of you is caught up in your own worlds, there might be very few chances to spend some well-deserved quality time with your girlfriends. Something has to be done about it!
Kesari totally understand this and so is offering to plan a trip to Thailand, for just you and your best girlfriends!

When it is about Thailand, the sky is the limit for fun! There is so much to see and experience and with your ladies it’ll all become extra fun. Kesari has the perfect plan for you, with our My Fair Lady packages. A 6- day holiday in Thailand, a mixture of culture, entertainment and exotic nature!
You and your ladies will spend time in two of Thailand’s favourite cities- Bangkok and Pattaya! Needless to say, you will be relaxing on some breathtaking beaches, whether you soak the sun while sipping on some fresh juices or you decide to indulge in some beach sports, the fun is up to you!
We know beaches aren’t the only thing Thailand is famous for, therefore we have plans arranged for you! Kesari will make sure you miss none of the sights of these cities with our perfectly arranged sightseeing trips. These trips will even give you some hours which you can dedicate to shopping with your ladies in the markets of Thailand! And this isn’t it…
There will be evenings dedicated to music and dance and lots of group games where you can bring out the child in you and can break the ice with the other ladies. Knowing how women love to dress up and feel good, we even have a fashion show for you all. Here, you’ll be the models and catwalk on the ramp dressed in your best! Because we understand how important it is for you to unwind this holiday, there will be a spa session where you and your girls can get the best massages to relax those muscles.

Do not wait longer and contact us or visit our site and check out the My Fair Lady packages for Thailand. It’s essential to take a break for yourself and leave all the stress behind for a few days. Imagine all the memories you will make and the special time you will be spending with all the special ladies in your life!

Everything you want from a holiday is here, but we haven’t forgotten about the food! Good food makes a trip even better and so we’ll make sure you get the best. There will be an Indian menu with your favourite dishes as well as some Thai and continental to add some more flavour! Also, Kesari will gift all the winners of the fashion show a Paithani saree which you can keep forever as a piece of Thailand’s culture and all the beautiful moments you had with your ladies.
A beautiful holiday is calling out to you. All you have to do is call your girls, just like those college days, and decide the dates! Leave the rest to Kesari.

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