Friday, December 05, 2014

Mauritius - A magical miracle...

Mauritius.. The name itself paints an image of turquoise blue waters and pale white sand beaches..rejuvenating spas and gratifying shopping.. Mauritius is well-known for having a relaxing atmosphere; with its palm trees swaying side to side creating a slow rhythm, never-ending calm beaches, mellow winds and a surreal paradise for the eyes. Visit Mauritius if you really plan to have some quiet time alone or with your family.

If you want to plan your day and spend it exploring the island, here are a few places worth your attention:
1. The Royal Botanical Gardens at Pamplemousses.

2. The Catholic Church, the Mosque, the High Court building, the Port Louis Theatre and   the French Colonial buildings at Port Louis.

3. Caudan waterfront or Bagatelle Shopping Park for shopping.

4. The Casela Bird Park with amazing birds from all the five continents.

5. The magical Sega Dance.

6. The Black River Gorge and 23 colored earth - the Valley of Colors.

However, if your looking to relax and spoil yourself, Mauritius has a coastline that is dreamily perfect, so you can just relax on a hammock sipping your favorite drink or you can engage in a game of golf. You can even indulge in a revitalizing spa session and loosen yourself up as an expert masseuse will make your tensions go away. This serene island has more than just beaches. You can try cruising, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving canoeing or kayaking in its blue-green waters.. You can even spot fishes, water turtles and beautiful corals from 'glass bottom boats' and the tranquility will leave you mesmerized..

Mauritius is an ideal place to lay back, bask in the sun and spend some time idling.. away from all the technicalities of the world. 
So if your looking for a stress-buster, visit this sparkling gem-island to unwind...

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