Friday, August 26, 2011

Exotic Destinations That Should Make It To Your Wish List

The world is brimming with sights and destinations that remain waiting in hiding to enchant their visitors upon arrival. However, with money, time and national boundaries being a restriction, one cannot just simply take off to explore the same. The beauty of destinations in central Europe has always managed to attract visitors in hordes, US and Australia rank high on the holiday hotspot list due to their sheer popularity and variety of landscape. However, there remain various other not-so-popular destinations that have managed to mesmerize their visitors and given them a travel experience to remember. The Off Beat tours from Kesari Tours strive to present their guests with the opportunity to visit such places.

While even an entire lifetime is not enough to explore all the gorgeous destinations of the world, here are a few exotic locations offered by Kesari Tours and Travels that should make your wish list of places to visit before you die:

Phuket: The entire island of Phuket is full of stunning beaches and surreal experiences. The most breathtaking place on the island being Phang Nga Bay, which is made up of several caves and inland lagoons that become accessible for only a few hours each day. Drifting on inflatable kayaks, visitors sail through dark passages to discover what they can only describe as paradise, with its untouched scenery, singing birds, trickling water and the music of nature for company.

Egypt: This mysterious land of the Pharaohs never ceases to surprise its visitors with its hidden gems. From spooky mummies to exquisite jewelry, everything in this sun-kissed desert demands a second look. The most interesting tomb of all is that of King Tut, the boy king who only ruled for nine years, but left behind an excellent collection of treasure inclusive of shields, bracelets, jewelry and much more.

Turkey: The gorgeous jewel of the east, Turkey holds amazing mysteries in its quaint bosom. The most intriguing being the Kaymakli, which happens to be the most extensive underground city in the world capable of housing 5000 residents. It runs 8 stories deep with only the first four being open to visitors. The top four floors enshroud stables, wineries, churches and storage areas, amongst others.

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