Friday, August 12, 2011

Exploring the fun side of 55!

Whoever said life ends at 50 did not live to see the 21st century. With luxury hotels and comfortable coaches ready to greet travelers at every destination, touring in your golden years could not have been easier. Seeing how excited the senior citizens of the “Second Innings” home in “Lage Raho Munnabhai” were to take a trip to Goa, Kesari’s MD Veena Patil felt inspired to create a line of age-appropriate travel itineraries that catered to parents and grandparents.

After dedicating your entire life to your children and responsibilities, we believe you deserve a luxurious break, a break that reunites you with the fun and frolic of your youth. The Second Innings range of Kesari have been designed to help you make the most of your golden years and really make them sparkle with the magic of specially tailored tours. These tours have been developed to include relaxed sightseeing schedules that leave you inspired, instead of exhausted.

Travel and sightseeing are not the only things that dominate the Second Innings itineraries. In fact, they are made to include group games, fashion shows, dances, cricket and other fun activities that make for total entertainment. The best part of the Second Innings tours is that they give you the opportunity to meet like-aged and like-minded individuals, ensuring utmost comfort. With two tour managers dedicated to a guest list of 40, Second Innings makes sure that your requests are always attended to. Touring at such a relaxed pace will also help you savor the entire journey and its experiences. You will be able to absorb the culture and sights of every destination at a convenient pace, giving you many more stories to share with your younger generation once you return.

So, gift yourself a Second Innings of happiness today and get ready to discover the fun side of 55! with Kesari Tours

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