Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spirituality and you

Witnessing the confusing chaotic times we all are going through and the increasing levels of stress we experience at workplace and otherwise, makes it important for us to hold some clarity in our thoughts and actions and that can bring us closer to our spiritual selves. We all have a spiritual side to explore within us. In seek of union with God, we perform righteous actions and follow religious practices that we consider, purify our souls and bring us closer to the Highest Being.

However, being a religious person is more often than not confused with being a spiritual person. A religious person is God fearing, follows rightful practices and is not considered to do any wrong. A religious follower is thus usually known as a spiritual person too! The question still remains that does only following the right path means to be spiritual? The Spirit is a wholesome concept and so its definition cannot be so limited. Where there is life, there is the Spirit and in fact even beyond that. It is Immortal, It is divine. Being Spiritual means being in touch with the spirit. Being religious is a part of being spiritual but definitely not the same as it. Some people are more aware and in touch with the spirit than anyone else.

Visiting holy places of worship, reading religious scriptures and following the righteous path of action are all means to becoming spiritual. Such practices help in evolution of the individual Soul which is a channel to eternal spirituality. Being religious is to follow virtuous practices that have been passed down to us from previous generations whereas spirituality means harmony, peace, freedom, compassion and goodwill. Performing the right actions can give inner peace and inner contentment can bring one closer to the Ultimate Spirit.

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