Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Celebrate love..!! Celebrate life..!!

An emotion of fondness and attachment, love is the strongest of all human sentiments. It symbolizes kindness and consideration, compassion, admiration and affection. Love says selflessness. It definitely is the emotion based on which existence exists.

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This beautiful emotion varies from romantic love and the emotional closeness with one’s partner to love that is familial. Love can also be platonic in nature for friends and can be of admiration and adulation for someone we look up to.

A child starts loving his or her family even before his or her mind is developed enough to understand the slightest degree of this emotion. It is by this experience, that a child learns what is it to love and adore. With time and age, he comes across the various aspects of this feeling.

Entering into teenage, the crush is thought of as love and is dreams of day in and day out. People live in a world of dreams and love imagining their lives with that one person. Further, dreams fade and reality sets in and so love takes a different form. It then becomes not ‘the only thing’ unlike the teenage era. People learn how to balance different facets of life and how to prioritize things. They understand how to get out of the shell and live life the ‘real’ way. Needless to say, love does not cease to exist. In fact it becomes stronger and more intense.

Love is the biggest, strongest and greatest emotion in the world. The essence, love remains. It takes different shape as it settles in different stages and chapters of life.

For Kesari Tours, love is making their Guests' dreams come true. Their experiences, memories are important to us.......we make your dreams come true!

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