Thursday, February 23, 2012

Into the Wilds with Kesari

Kesari Tours
Imagine watching a lion lead your way into the Jungle or a tiger prowling on its prey. And that is definitely not all. The world offers an extensive array of wildlife riches with wild jungles, incredible flora and fauna. A sloth bear or a wild hyena, jungle life offers thrill, adventure and beauty in a remarkable fashion. Bandhavgrah, in India known to have the highest density of tiger sighting is a ‘must to visit’ destination for wildlife enthusiasts. As South Africa is famous for Elephants, Leopards, Lions, Wild Buffaloes and Rhinos, Kenya is known for Elephants, Hyenas and Zebras.

Wildlife Tours have been creating ripples all around. Not only wildlife enthusiasts but people from all walks of life have been showing great interest in such tours.

Kesari Tours, with its fine range of 'Jungle Tours' offer an experience of pleasure and adventure in an extraordinary way. It brings together the spectacular natural wonders with the comfort and ease that you want. The nature trail in open jeeps through lush green forests offers an awe-inspiring experience. Kesari’s Jungle tours make you witness the enchanting and delightful world of wildlife.

For wildlife photographers, India is truly an extraordinarily excellent option. With a wide range of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks and innumerable species of birds and animals, it offers too much to choose from.

The wildlife tours are designed keeping in mind the security and fun factor. The rich natural destinations are chosen and itineraries are made to maximum the wildlife and cultural experience.

Watching a wild animal in its natural habitat, noticing the movements, behavior, calls, pug marks.. Doesn’t it sound exciting? Wait no more..!! Get your bags packing to explore and enjoy nature at its natural best.

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