Thursday, April 04, 2013

Around the World with Kesari Students' Special !

End of May and early June is the time for kids to enjoy summer vacations. Children are eagerly waiting for such a time as they get a break from their daily schedules of a routine life. In summer vacations, students have a plenty of time left for other activities. However, given the emergence of technology & video games, students usually restrict themselves to indoor activities & miss the benefits of outdoor world. To ensure that little champions get a chance to see the outside world & its beauty, parents should expose them to outdoor activities like travelling.

Kesari provides a platform from where students can enjoy and learn more about the world through Kesari Students' Special tours. Kesari offers tours for students where interest blends with care. For years, we’ve established a reputation of a travel agency which never steps behind to assure security and safety of students traveling with us. Here are some tours that we offer to students.

Garhwal–Himalayan Expedition: Adventure Unplugged
Challenge their limits & they perform miraculously. When children go out in the wilderness & tranquility of the Himalayas, they get to know the significance of this majestic mountain range. This 9 days 8 nights tour starts from Delhi airport and ends at Mussoorie covering Chamba, Mori- a site for rock climbing. Your kids will experience full adventure and entertainment at the ranges of Himalaya.

Space Centre and Disney World: Interactive Learning, Endless Fun
Unleash the budding scientists in your kid. Let his mind wander & explore the scientific gems of this World. If he is the science whiz kid, this is the best platform to draw his interest to astronomy and space study. And, when kids get to learn so much, we ensure they too have fun at Disney World, a dream for every kid. Children between 10 & 18 years can participate in this tour of 11 days and 10 nights.

Thailand: Rich Culture, Unique Geography
Get immersed in a rich saga of history, heritage and grand culture of Bangkok, Thailand. Learn more about this South East Asian nation, its unique geography and explore majestic seas and islands like Pattaya Coral. This trip is dedicated to students and children between 10 & 18 years of age and is completed within 6 days 5 nights.

Singapore, Thailand & Hong Kong: The Triple Wonders of Asia
Visit the land where science, culture & fun converge together to create a vibrant nation & economy. Welcome to some of the most beautiful countries of South East Asia like Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. The 11 days 10 nights tour starts from Bangkok, moving towards beautiful Pattaya and later to Singapore. Have fun at Sentosa Island and experience the magic of Disney Land in Hong Kong city tour.

Switzerland & Paris: Convergence of Science & Arts
The land of paradise Switzerland is not only known for its scenic beauty but it also houses some of the most famous science centers & fun-filled destinations meant exclusively for children. The 8 days 7 nights journey starts from Switzerland covering Technorama Science Center and taking kids straightaway to the chocolate factory to reveal the secret art of manufacturing chocolates. The journey ends at the amazing city of Paris with a glance at cartoon characters like Donald duck & Mickey Mouse etc.

Kesari is the right answer for students and parents who’re looking forward to experience fun and adventure in their travel plans.

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