Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pack your bags because it is....... THAILAND

Sensational, exotic, and glamorous, Thailand is like a shimmering diamond nestled in the magical lands of South-East Asia. A culture so vibrant, it rolls along new trends and absorbs in its wake the never-ending winds of change. Thailand has in all its glory, opened its gates to tourists from all over the world.
What makes Thailand such a coveted destination? Spiraling architectural marvels dot the city and innumerable city lights light up the skies. A multifaceted cuisine that is both delicately flavorsome and gastronomically creative, Thailand is also a country that likes to put its most fashionable foot forward!

What you can look forward to most are the inviting beaches that roll out a carpet of the purest white sands, a striking contrast to crystal blue waters lapping playfully to the rhythm of a gentle breeze. The islands of Krabi, Phuket, Chiang Rai, Kohlann, Kohchang, are all the circuit you must absolutely spend some carelessly romantic mornings in. Soak up some sunshine and embrace the sea as it reaches out to you.

Sample the outstanding variety of street food that will have your taste buds on a roll. A delectable cuisine that incorporates a variety of sauces, herbs, roots, and plenty of seafood, Thailand streets are flooded with delicacies. Forget about calorie counting and binge on food that will cast forever memories!

Start up on your shopping list even as you are still saving up for a thrilling vacation in Thailand. The trendiest fashion statement pieces, iconic accessories, beautiful Buddha statues, and so much more! And while you are there, shopping through the mall, cool off your heels with some flamboyant and delicious drinks!

Thailand is a treasure trove of jewels that glisten as you unravel each one. Be it the scenic places, the food, the adventure sports or the shopping paradise, This Island country has it all that makes you happy. 

And like they say, “When you're happy and you know it pack your bags!”

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