Tuesday, June 18, 2013

La Tomatino - Tomato Festival In Spain!

Who said, the humble Tomato is only a mere vegetable? well, here it is the ultimate weapon of fun, welcome to the biggest food fight of the planet, the Festival of La Tomatina. Celebrated once in a year, this tomato fight is purely of fun which kicks off on the last Wednesday of August in Bunol, Spain and continues for a week and features a blend of parades, music, dancing and fireworks, this year the action starts on 28th August.

Originated in the year 1945, this tradition was introduced by the youths who attacked the police with tomatoes for having been prevented to participate in the parade of the town, it was banned more than once but later this mass tomato battle endured many changes in the following years and was brought back by the increasing public demand. This unusual gala of celebration is enjoyed by locales and tourists alike, who come together to fire tomatoes at each other, the event conforms to the safety of the people, making sure that nothing else is used apart, from crushed tomatoes, to avoid injuries. It starts rolling at around 11a.m with a loud shot and the crowd is let loose to have the time of their life, and ends exactly after an hour with the second loud shot. The town is painted red and streams of tomato juice flows freely when hoses are turned on, to wash off the town and the participants wrapped in tomato juice.

And if you are still thinking what it is about, the madness is best projected in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, though most movie buffs might be well aware of it, an actual experience, says it all!
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So see you there, flinging Tomatoes!

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