Saturday, November 29, 2014

Kesari Tours...30 Years Expertise...One Million Saisified Guests...Smiles & Happiness Guaranteed

A journey that began thirty years ago has reached the miracle mark of one million satisfied guests. At Kesari the focus has always been 'YOU', our guests. Our valuable guests actually add value to us, they inspire us and energize us to meet new challenges, year after year. It is you who have made us what we are today. It maybe one, a hundred, a thousand, or a million guests, these are not milestones of our success, but of the solid bond we share with you. Our success is not measured by the revenue generated, but by the number of happy guests that join our Kesari family each year, your love makes us grow.
A million thanks to this family of ours for their wonderful support. We pledge to renew our strength each passing day, month and year, to give you the best service and complete comfort.

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