Saturday, November 29, 2014

Kesari Tours...Ambassadors Of Peace

We Indians Are Ambassadors Of Peace:

On the occasion of the "World Tourism Day", the Kesari family wishes you all a Healthy, Safe and Peaceful 'World Tourism'.
We must all be proud of our national heritage, though we are a young country we are the largest democracy. Kesari Tours is in the fore-front when it comes to promoting our customs abroad. Our religious and cultural diversity, is our strength, and it adds flavour to our national character. As Indians, we are 'Ambassadors Of Peace' to the world. We must take this message of peace and brotherhood to the world. 

At Kesari, we help you to do just that, travel across the world, meet people of the world and share with them our tradition of 'Unity In Diversity'. Traveling abroad gives you a first hand perspective of the people around the world. We can showcase our culture and demonstrate our true Indian spirit through our courteous attitude.
It is our responsibility to be good guests when we travel abroad and be even better hosts, when people visit our country. At Kesari, we not only provide best services to our Indian guests, but ensure the complete comfort of foreign guests who visit our country.

We nurture a dream of showing the world to as many Indians as possible and bring the world to India. We would like to bring back whatever is good to India and to showcase our rich Indian culture and heritage overseas.
On this World Tourism Day, it is of prime importance to us, that the people of India be content and prosperous, and spread the light of their honesty and good nature across the world. 

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